Not my fault, man

One advantage of having two brothers running around the house is that Shelby no longer gets blamed for anything. We used to look at her suspiciously whenever something went missing. Can't find wedding ring? Stare at Shelby. Cant't find the remote? Stare at Shelby. She was never the culprit, but in these cases her undying devotion did not compensate for her lack of English skills.

Now that there are little boys getting into everything, Shelby is not the first suspect for anything anymore. I woke up this morning to find her chilling out in the middle if this toy apocalypse. I know she didn't do it. I don't even suspect her when I find chewed toys. That honor goes to the littlest boy, who is teething. We've seen him gnaw on the furniture, and even walk around the house with Shelby's chew antler in his mouth.


Not my fault, man

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Mush! Mush I say!

Went out for a stroll and Shelby felt energetic enough to pull the stroller!

Mush! Mush I say!

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The Hazards of Christmas toys

We gave Vin these cool magnet building toys for Christmas and he and I both love building things with them. As for Mikey, he simply enjoys the bright colors and so these thing end up all over the house from the boys being boys.

The only drawback is for Shelby who will sometimes find her collar just a tad bit heavier.

The Hazards of Christmas toys

The Hazards of Christmas toys

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Shelby update

Thanks so much for all your concern and well wishes for Shelby. Pug fans are just the nicest fans in the world :)

Shelby has been looking better with no additional medical attention needed. She's not slipping, and she feels well enough to want what you're having.

These are a couple if pics of her hanging out. One where she's putting up with Michael thinking her chew toys are his. And another where she was confused if the ridiculously hard bread I baked was actually food. (The birds decided it wasn't.)

On a side note, baking bread is not really my thing. :)

Shelby update

Shelby update

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Something Wrong


A couple weeks before Christmas, Shelby came to our door in the middle of the night. She was in her normal good spirits, but dragging her two left paws, and slipping on our floor — a lot. Steven spent the following wee hours of the morning sparing me from the worry and letting me sleep, while searching for what the symptoms might mean. As is typical with medical searches on the Internet, none of the prognoses were good.

What followed was back-to-back vet visits to diagnose what could be wrong. It's only on her left side. Pinched nerve? Was it a stroke? Is her face droopy? Well, um, she's a pug. Her whole face is droopy on the best of days. X-rays, lab tests, MRIs of her neck and head produced no definitive results.

The bills racked up, but mostly we had the feeling of frustration as modern medicine failed to produce any answer that would give us a definitive course of action.

When the vets proposed Shelby go under anesthesia again for a spinal tap, Steven and I both agreed that Shelby deserved a break. Shelby is normally terrified of visiting the vet, but by now she was so tired, she didn't put up any fight. Steven took her home to rest, and give her a break from all this.

For the next few days, he gave her what he likes to call, "the 'Babe' treatment," hand feeding her treats, singing to her, pulling out all the stops to make her feel comfortable and loved.

And she felt better! By Christmas she was back to her normal self. Begging for treats, shadowing the kids. Steven called her our Christmas miracle. I teased her about being our little Tiny Tim. 

But two days ago, Shelby started showing signs of stiffness and pain while walking. She walked down the hill with Vin and Steven, but couldn't make it up on her own. Her tail was down. No barking at birds. She ate and drank, but showed little interest in treats, even the bite of tri tip we gave her. She was really tired. And then yesterday was a good day. Her spirits and mobility were up, and she was prowling for treats with the best of them. Today is also proving to be a good day for her so far.

It's a bit unreal to me that this uncertaintly might be just the normal state of affairs from now on. I still think of her as that sweet puppy we brought home 10 years ago. As for whether or not we take her back for more tests, it depends on what signs Shelby gives us, if she is struggling, or in pain.

Steven and I want to give her the same happiness and comfort she has given to us, all these years.


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