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Cleaning with Shelby


I clean a lot more, now that Shelby is around. Since she sweats through her paws, I find little paw prints all over the floor. She's a sloppy drinker, so there's water spots too. She likes to chew her dog litter, so there's bit of that on the floor. Plus she sheds, so regular vacuuming is a must. I figure that anyone who gets a dog and wants to maintain their standard on cleanliness will probably need clean twice as much. Or hire a cleaning service. I think maid services do charge more for pets, but the amount depends on the cleaning service, and how often they clean.

I mentioned earlier that Shelby's favorite chew toy is paper towels. This is what cleaning is like with Shelby around.

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Oh, that's hilarious! Thank you for posting Shelby's cleaning assistance!

Posted by: Mariann | Apr 13, 2004 12:45:58 PM

Hello Winnie and Shelby!

I adore your website! My friend who blogs on typepad stumbled across it and she sent me the link because I love pugs, and have one of my own (she just turned 4 today)- also, my first dog. I just wanted to drop a line to say that I think you're doing an excellent job raising lil' Shelby. Anyways, here's a comment on the whole flea, tick, thing...Shelby should eventually be on Advantage or Frontline AND Heartguard. My pug was on Advantage but she mysteriously had an engorged tick on the nape of her neck. I was freaked out that she would get lyme disease and I took her to the emergency vet clinic. She was okay but from that experience, I learned that Advantage and Frontline are not toxic to the dogs because that was my concern from the start as well. They had me switch from Advantage to Frontline so she wouldn't be at risk of getting more ticks. To be honest with you, Frontline seems like a gentler formula to me. You buy them according to the pup's weight so they don't get a toxic dose. I would start with Advantage if you don't take Shelby to tick infested parts and I would def put the pup on Heartguard, which is a monthly "treat" chewy, meaty pill. If you decide to apply Adavntage or Frontline, you should do it during a time when you plan to be home because they often try to rub it off onto rugs or whatever the flooring is. They sometimes do the dog shake to get it off, like water, so I usually apply it outside while I'm wearing sunglasses to avoid getting it in my eyes. I'm not sure if she's had a shot for "kennel cough"/bordatella but if she plays with other dogs in parks, I would rec that too because they catch it from play groups and being kenneled, if other dogs in their circle have it. I hope you don't mind a random person viewing your site and then posting a comment. Take care, Sonia and Lotte

Posted by: Sonia and Lotte | Apr 18, 2004 9:49:06 PM

I have to add this -- my three year old loves watching this clip! In fact, we've got Shelby's blog bookmarked on Nicholas's computer so he can look at the pictures! :)

Posted by: Mariann | May 10, 2004 9:36:24 AM

Haha I love it. Your Web site is great by the way.

Posted by: Rita | Sep 18, 2008 1:34:48 PM

Hi Winnie,

Do you have to cook N clean a lot lot more now with a new baby? Do you have a maid?

Posted by: Lovey | Sep 22, 2008 11:32:08 PM

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