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Clearing her nose


I used to worry when Shelby did this. It sounds so terrible. It became clear later that this is the sound that Shelby makes when she's trying to clear phlegm from her nose or throat. We couldn't tell what was happening until now because...well she usually swallows whatever she clears. Pug oysters. A delicacy for sure.

See for yourself.

October 2, 2004 | Permalink


Thank god this is nothing to worry about, otherwise I'd feel guilty for being so happy for having watched it! That's got to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen.

I want to thank you for your wonderful site. It's beautifully designed and well-written. But above of all, my always spirits lift when I stop by for a visit.

Posted by: joe miller | Oct 4, 2004 7:51:29 PM

OHMIGOSH! This is E-X-A-C-T-L-Y what our pug Kibbe does. We'll go through spurts where he does it pretty often and it freaks us out. Since our Berkman doesn't do it, I thought something was seriously wrong with Kibbe (though the vet said not to worry, I still worry way too much about K&B...)! Not that I'm relieved that Shelby does this marathon snorthing also, but I'm happy to know it's normal.

Your site is the best ever!

Posted by: Amy Grinstein | Oct 4, 2004 8:51:35 PM

You know, one of our pugs used to do that too! But now she does the opposite, she sneaks out, instead of sucking in to clear her nose.

As always, Shelby is too cute!

Posted by: h | Oct 5, 2004 8:52:38 AM

Have to throw my "me too" in here as well - Merry has done this at least a few times a year since I got her, and it freaks me out every time. I was very relieved to know that other puggies do the same thing, and it's completely normal. ;)

Posted by: Angie | Oct 6, 2004 9:19:34 PM

Your baby looks EXACTLY like our Daisey May!! They could be twins!! Daisey is 9 months old and goes for her spay surgery next week. I'll feel bad for her, I'm sure.
When she clears her throat, her "Mama," our yellow lab Chloey, runs to get me and barks like crazy till I go see how Daisey May is doing. I rub her throat till she passes the mucus, then she's fine. I love her so much, I can't stand to see her in any kind of distress!

Posted by: Lisa | Oct 7, 2004 5:06:35 AM

Thank goodness you posted this because we could NOT figure out what our Ike was doing and since it didn't bother him we didn't feel it warranted a vet visit. Whew.

Posted by: shannon | Oct 7, 2004 12:11:47 PM

My pug does this too, she will be 4 years old this February. Our pug is fawn, my husband wants to get a female black pug in the future.

Posted by: Betty | Oct 14, 2004 5:45:11 PM

Has any one had surgery on their pug's nose? I know of a pug who has labored breathing. She does most of her breathing through her mouth. I think she needs surgery to open up her nostrils. The vet says she is find. She has lots of mucus in her throat and is very noisy. She doesn't play and seems to use most of her energy to breath. She is 3 years old and so lovable and cute. I feel bad for her. Does anyone know how much this surgery cost? This pug has been for sale but no one will buy her because you can hear her all over the house. Thanks for your help. Sandy

Posted by: Sandy | Nov 2, 2005 6:56:23 PM

Oh my gosh, thank you so much for putting this on your site, my pug does the same thing and I have freaked out, cried, taken him to the doctor so many times because I am so scared he is going to stop breathing. How did you guys figure out that it was phlegm? Is there still a chance that it could clog up and block the airway? I love your site, and thank you agian!

Posted by: Carol | Sep 29, 2006 8:38:50 AM

Thank You - Both of our pugs make this crazy sound & we too thought they were chocking or gagging for air. It is such a relief to find the answer. You saved us a lot of stress. many Thanks!

Posted by: Catherine | Sep 29, 2006 10:51:15 AM

I am sooo happy to see this!!! I have taken my Sammie to the vet on numerous occassions but I couldn't really describe what was actually happening - my husband and I thought maybe he was having a seizure. Phew, thanks a lot!

Posted by: Michelle | Sep 26, 2007 5:50:31 PM

Harry our little pug does this, the first time he did it was in the middle of the night. We rushed him straight to the emergency vets @ around 2am. Glad it was just him blowing his nose, we now find at funny as he now burps after he has done it.

Posted by: phil | Sep 7, 2008 6:39:26 AM

I have a yorkie cairn terrier and she started to make this sound, it was usually in the morning or before we went to bed. It would be at random times and I had no idea what it was or why she was doing that. I took her to the vet after it had been occuring for a few days and I was told that it is called a reverse sneeze. Maybe it is different in pugs and my dog but possibly this could have contributed to what your dog was experiencing?

Posted by: Cortney | Sep 14, 2009 2:51:51 PM

Hi there,
Im quite concerned that the reference to this sound our Pugs make is phlem!

This is actually a symptom pugs have of their tendancy to 'long soft pallates' in their throat. Not phlem. And if your vet is telling you this, please go to another vet that knows pugs.

Due to Pugs having no / or short noses, this is in contrast to the rest of their organs. It is common that Pugs have a long soft pallate that blocks their air pipes in their breathing.

This issue effects Pugs differently. I have two Pugs. Brother n Sister from the same litter. However Otis (Boy) has a long soft pallate that obstracts his airpipes and causes laboured breathing. Sally (girl) will get this only when excited.

Only cure for this is an operation to shorten the soft pallate. This then clears the airpipes and enables them to breath properly, including through their nose.

It is important to attend to this in Pugs whilst they are young, ie. approx 2yrs old as it will only get worse when older.

Hope this helps!

Posted by: Su | Jan 17, 2011 12:28:15 PM

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