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Somehow it never fails, that if I scratch her on the side of the mouth, she yawns.

March 28, 2005 | Permalink


Oh, I LOVE that! Our Bug (half Boston, half Pug) Bitty will do that every time without fail. So cute!

Posted by: hope | Mar 28, 2005 11:23:29 AM

That's hilarious that you mention that because my Pug Rocky does the same thing and I thought he was just a crazy dog. But apparently not :P

Posted by: Loni | Mar 28, 2005 3:57:33 PM

Wow.. I just tried that on my pug Brunson and it worked like a charm. :)

Posted by: Shanna | Mar 28, 2005 5:24:54 PM

I can't believe I never noticed that before. I did that to Sasha and she yawned!!

Posted by: lisaberry | Mar 28, 2005 8:26:48 PM

I must be the only one who can't get their pug to do that! My hubby can get our pug to do that, but every time I try, he moves away. Poor dog, now I'm going to have to follow him around and bother him until he does it for me! :-)

Posted by: h | Mar 29, 2005 3:28:51 PM

I can't get Mushu to yawn, either. Whenever I scratch the side of his mouth he just tries to eat my fingers.

Posted by: J.D. | Mar 29, 2005 7:13:27 PM

Oh my god. That may be the cutest dog picture I've ever seen.
Allie, mom of Shelby's friends Gobo and Maddie

Posted by: Allie | Apr 2, 2005 5:29:26 AM

Whenever we pick Mandy up and kiss her she yawns too! We love it!

Posted by: Nancy | Apr 3, 2005 1:48:25 PM

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