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Evidence of a bad girl

Look at this face. Does this look like a guilty puppy to you?

Shelby went through a little adjustment period while I was away. Besides showing a lackluster interest in her walks, she has also decided it's a good idea to expand her chew toy variety. She got a hold of the TV remote, chewed it, and left it rather demonstratively in the middle of the floor.

Somedays, she's lucky she's cute.

April 29, 2005 | Permalink


I just wanted to say I enjoy checking out your blog on a regular basis. It's amazing at how much my pugs do the same things as yours. Would you mind if I linked your blog to mine? You can check it out on the homepage linke above.


Posted by: Dianna in Alabama | Apr 29, 2005 9:05:48 AM

Awww....she misses you!

At least it doesn't look like she chewed any of the buttons off. My mom used to have a cockatiel who bit a lot of their remote buttons off.

Posted by: Heidi | Apr 29, 2005 9:23:36 AM

Hey, how did you get my remote??? :-) My little one does the same thing! She's also chewed up 3 pair of glasses.

Shelby is trying to do the pug mind meld on you! :-) It's so cute.

Posted by: h | Apr 29, 2005 11:09:07 AM

My pug got bored when I was asleep on the couch waiting for my fiance to come home late one night and preceeded to chew off a corner on my brand new coffee table. He most definately would have gotten in trouble (can't yell at him unless you catch him red handed) had he not been the cutest puppy in the world.

I love your posts. Shelby is almost the same age as my Mylo and it is fun to read about some one else going through the same things.

Posted by: Kelly | Apr 29, 2005 2:51:11 PM

Oh yes, we're familiar with that too. DD's toys are popular. And my prescription sunglasses. And somehow he pulls the weekly non-winning lottery ticket out of the trash and mangles those.

Posted by: Lynn | Apr 29, 2005 2:53:37 PM

For a dog who hates taking a bath, my Mushu loves the taste of shower curtain and rubber bath mat. I've recently been putting the shower curtain up every morning (messing around with a huge wet vinyl sheet is NOT fun), but Mushu seems to find ways to get at it. I'm now shopping for an extra-wide baby gate to block off my tub.

Posted by: J.D. | Apr 29, 2005 6:57:26 PM

I think Miss Shelby has shown that she is
very possessive of you and wanted you to know she doesn't like it when you are not
available to her...even if your absence is
for a very good reason. She must have been
upset and bored despite the good care and
love given to her all the time. I guess
dogs poop instead of pout and chew instead
of scream. Barking must also be a way for them to express their innermost angst????

Posted by: Jade | Apr 29, 2005 10:56:48 PM

OK I have one for you about Daisey May. She got mad at us one day for some reason and chewed up my cellphone! Silly me for leaving it where she could get it(on an end table, she walks up there and takes what she wants)when I came in the room she gave me a look similiar to Shelbys' with the tail strait down and slinked away behind the sofa! Thank goodness for insurance! Like you said, it's a good thing they're so darn cute! How can you be mad at those faces for very long? It's nothing that a few little puggie kisses didn't fix!

Posted by: Lisa | Apr 30, 2005 7:32:13 AM

Posts like these remind me of how much I miss my pug!!!

Posted by: Vicki & Baywee (Frog too) | Apr 1, 2006 10:53:14 AM

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