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Wet dog

Shelby saw a stray cat in our yard, and was in the mood to defend her territory, so she kept Steven company while he was out there cleaning. I was tidying up the upstairs when Shelby ran in, soaking wet, and with a happy look on her face.

She was muddy from playing in the yard, and while Steven was spraying off the deck, she got underneath the stream. She had tracked muddy paw prints all over the carpet on the way upstrairs. I propped her up on the sink to dry her off.

And she enjoyed a drink, while I washed off her paws.

April 27, 2005 | Permalink


Oh my goodness! I have a cat that drinks from the faucet like that but I've never seen a dog do it! How cute! And I know exactly what you mean about tracking muddy pawprints on the carpet...it's an ongoing problem at our house!

Posted by: Beth | Apr 27, 2005 1:32:06 PM

i think your dog is so cute, my name is shelby to and our dogs do the same thing.my sister is always saying that she wants a pug.i think there so cute.

Posted by: shelby | Apr 28, 2005 2:08:09 PM

I have two pugs,when it comes to bath time Holly just plan loves it.Taz on the other hand "acts" as though she hates it,yet when it's all over she is sure is a pistol.They also chase and bite at the water when I'n watering my yard and garden.I think the funniest thing was when I went thruogh the automatic car wash, they did thier darnest to get that water throgh the windows. So cute! Someone told me that a pug is a mix between, a human,a cat,and a monkey.I think I believe that sometimes. Thank you for letting us enjoy Shelby's adventures.

Posted by: Melody Ohlund | Apr 29, 2005 12:45:01 AM

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