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It's getting pretty hot. On our last trip to the park, Steven fed Shelby an ice cube, and rubbed water on her tummy to cool her down. We'r timing our trips to the dog park around the weather, so that Shelby can run around without overheating. It helps that our Pug Sunday is moving to 11am instead of 3pm for the summer months.

When she was a puppy, she was more tolerant of hot weather. I notice that nowadays, she more quick to panting. Must be horrible wearing a fur coat in the summer. Although, as usual, she's aggressively trying to lose that fur.

May 30, 2005 | Permalink


We're moving to Houston later this week with our one year old pug Leo! I'm very worried about the heat there. I got him a cooling bandana that you soak in water and it is supposed to keep a dog cool for hours so hopefully that will work well. I also found an air conditioned doggie daycare facility! A must for my active little guy.

Posted by: Jessica | Jun 5, 2005 2:15:16 PM

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