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Socks are one of Shelby's favorite things. Steven decided to clean out all the worn out socks from the closet, and we gave them to Shelby to play with. Here she is, sitting on her bed, shortly after we dumped about 30 pairs of socks on her head.

May 30, 2005 | Permalink


Hi Shelby,

That is a great photo! :) That looks like a lot of fun.

Little Sheba

Posted by: Little Sheba | May 30, 2005 9:04:35 AM

One of the best pics yet.

Posted by: alfredsmom | May 30, 2005 10:32:07 AM

I hope those are clean socks...would Shelby know if they weren't? 'Cuz she looks so content in her sock world.

Posted by: diana | May 31, 2005 5:30:21 AM

I agree, that is an awesome picture!! Shelby is adorable. Pugola likes socks too, especially when I'm wearing them!!

Posted by: Dianna | Jun 1, 2005 12:11:02 AM

My dogs like sox too...but they eat them, along w/other "un-mentionables"! ICK! But I love them anyway, and I love Shelby too ;)

Amanda B.

Posted by: Amanda B. | Jun 1, 2005 3:55:01 AM

This is my favorite picture of Shelby by far! She looks so cute in the blizzard of socks!

Posted by: Cindy | Jun 5, 2005 7:00:44 PM

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