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Watching workers

We had workers in the yard recently, and Shelby spent a good part of the day watching and barking at them.

June 30, 2005 | Permalink


My pug, Auggie, will sit at the window all day and bark at people, cars, leaves falling off trees, cats, anything that moves. I will be talking on the phone and he is looking out the window and barking, the person on the other end will always ask" Is that Auggie, what's he barking at this time?" Most of the time, my answer is "He is barking at nothing again!!"

Posted by: Shelley | Jun 30, 2005 8:12:40 AM

Mushu will sometimes bark at the four little boys who live next door, or the cat who lives a little farther away. I find it funny, though, that he barks at things such as a baseball cap, a tarp, or a fallen branch with dried leaves. Sometimes there really will be nothing there, but he barks, anyway.

Posted by: J.D. | Jun 30, 2005 6:59:40 PM

sophie barks at birds, airplanes, decorative lawn ornaments & statues, a plastic bag that's caught on our neighbor's tv antenna...

everything, really!

Posted by: liz | Jun 30, 2005 7:46:27 PM

I am a big fan of shelby. ^_^ I just finished reading her blog from start to fish. 0.0 I am such a geek. Anyway, I am a future dog owner and I am choosing between a pug and a terrier. A small dog is best for me since our place is small. I wanna know though if it is true that pugs breath stink? I know it is an awkward question but please let me know. So I can decide and have my baby...

Oh, great job on the dog shirts ^_^ I love them

Posted by: maria | Jul 22, 2005 1:07:09 PM


Shelby doesn't have bad breath, but I can't speak for all pugs. Bad breath is usually a function of dental care. So I think brushing, the occasional Greenie and lots of bones to chew on keep bad breath at bay.

And if you're still deciding what kind of dog to get, I would advise that you visit a local dog park to see how they behave with each other. My general impression is that pugs tend to be a bit calmer than terriers, however pugs do shed a lot.

Posted by: Winnie | Jul 22, 2005 10:14:48 PM

I found your blog by doing a Google search for "rash after spay surgery." I love the stories of Shelby. My husband and I were originally hoping to adopt a Pug, but fell in love with a Maltese/Lhasa Apso mix. I adore Pugs though and Shelby is irresistible! Great job on the blog.

Posted by: Jamie | Nov 6, 2006 8:24:01 AM

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