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Darth Shelby

I recently recieved Darth Tator (Dart Vador meets Mr. Potato Head) as a present. It's a bit small, but I couldn't resist. Shelby got cheese for her heroic efforts at imitating a sith lord.

August 22, 2005 | Permalink


Mmmmmm... The resembalance is uncanny! A pugs face does remind me alot of Darth Vaders mask, only pugs don't need a fancy microphone for the breathing noise.
The snorting makes up for it....

Just make sure Shelby's legs don't get cut off by light sabres!

Posted by: Jon | Aug 22, 2005 6:12:51 AM

Too funny! Pugs make the best dress-up characters. And the look on her face...she is resigned to the fact that her mom keeps putting clothes on her and seems to be trying to think about the cheese. She's so cute!

Posted by: Delaina | Aug 22, 2005 10:04:00 AM

Ever since I started viewing your pugsite,
I have enjoyed your dressing Shelby up in various outfits and hats! She tries to get into character, but I know those special treats help her maintain her poise.
Keep up the splendid good photography and
adventures of Shelby stories. Shelby is a
Cutie and I think she is the absolute Boss of the House. Sorry, but I think she Rules!

Posted by: Jade | Aug 22, 2005 4:56:11 PM

If Vader was that cute, no one would rebel and the galaxy would be lost. Wouldn't we all like to be ruled by Darth Shelby? ... First, she conquers a home in San Francisco, then the World Wide Web. (Good thing there is no Galaxy Wide Web.)

Posted by: Manny | Aug 22, 2005 9:54:24 PM

This is genius. I think I love you.

Posted by: Amanda B. | Aug 22, 2005 10:27:24 PM

not that i don't want to comment on how adorable Shelby is cause i could do that (every time i visit this website!), but i thought you might appreciate this: http://www.storewars.org/flash/index.html

of course i apologize if i have underestimated your geekhood and you've already joined the organic rebellion. enjoy!

Posted by: Bernadette | Aug 23, 2005 5:33:35 PM

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