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Are pugs prone to ACL?

One of the office dogs that Shelby plays with is limping around. Stella has a torn ligament in her back leg. (ACL). It'll cost $1900 for the SCPA to patch her up. And there's a good chance that the other leg will go sometime within the next six months. Poor Stella. She's not a model canine citizen. She forages through our trash cans. She begs. She runs dangerously fast laps round the office. Occassionaly, she forgets she's housebroken. But at age 1 1/2, she certainly didn't deserve this. After all, she and Shelby are the same age, and I'm looking at Shelby, wondering if her little legs and paws will hold her massive body when she runs around.

I did some research online about ACL and the surgery to correct it. It seems that vets disagree on whether or not surgery will aid recovery. It seems larger dogs with straight legs are more prone to the injury. Shelby has straight legs, but is hardly large. But since she's so beefy, I wonder if pugs are prone. I have found posts on message boards of pug owners who's pugs underwent surgery.

Here's a photo of Stella

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that's interesting; we've noticed that our youngest pug doesn't like to jump. He runs fine, but jumping he just doesn't do. We wonder if maybe something's awry, but he doesn't limp or anything. He has long legs but his hips are a little more bent than our older pug (she's a jumper.)

Posted by: diana | Sep 26, 2005 4:27:19 AM

I love the harness you use for Shelby! Where can I get one for my puggie?

Posted by: Nicole Beaulieu | Sep 26, 2005 6:54:47 AM

You might remember Emma had this surgery (twice)...she's a larger mixed breed BUT I won't trust just any Dr. with this ACL treatment. After much information gathering from our vet, fellow dog walkers, we consulted a vet in Mill Valley (Dr. Sam). He specializes in these types of injuries and is very well thought of nationally. I have his number if this is of interest...a second opinion can't hurt.

Posted by: Susan McKenzie | Sep 26, 2005 7:38:50 AM

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