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At the party

I am told that Shelby had a great time at the party. Despite her Do Not Feed Me stee shirt, she managed a few pieces of brocolli and carrots. She even sat that the table on mom's lap.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on in this picture, but I'm guessing that one of my friends is trying to get Shelby to "hi-five." Shelby apears to be playing dumb as there's no treats in sight.

September 23, 2005 | Permalink


Or perhaps she's thinking" I really don't want him touching my paw!" Our Daisey is terribly foot shy, trimming her nails is a real fight! Even the vet didn't like doing it!
By the way, did the tee shirt work, or did everone feed her cuz' she's so cute?

Posted by: Lisa | Sep 24, 2005 6:24:55 AM

My mommy taught me how to 'high five' I mostly do it when nobody else is watching... I don't blame Shelby!

Posted by: Satchel | Sep 28, 2005 11:50:10 AM

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