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Birthday party

Shelby went to a pug birthday party today. Sammy the pug from our local pug sunday group turned 1. There was doggie cake, a party hat that was eventually chewed, and quite a few dogs.

Shelby had a piece of cake and chased other pugs. She had a great time. Sammy's people even handed out party favors. Here's Shelby with her bag of treats from the party. It seems as though she's not interested, but in actuality, I am very firmly telling her to stay. Right after I took the photo, she devoured the treat.

September 27, 2005 | Permalink


Is that cute or what? Our puggies are so smart. Daisey's birthday is in December, I can't wait to make her a cake again. I used the one last year that you posted here and both the dogs just loved it! I'll make Chloey a peanut butter cake for her birthday in October, she likes bananas so I'll figure out a recipe with bananas in it for the "frosting". What can I say? they're my babies!!!

Posted by: Lisa | Sep 28, 2005 5:57:15 AM

Not interested?! Poor Shelby looks like she's using every ounce of willpower to control herself. LOL!

Posted by: Rosemary | Sep 28, 2005 7:48:35 AM

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