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New Years Eve

Steven and I are settling into the new year nicely. The first 10 days have been good to us. We rang in the new year modestly since I was still coughing from a cold I caught over Christmas. New years eve was spent at home with a lovely bottle of champagne which Steven popped open when the east coast rang in the new year, and we poured a new glass as each time zone struck midnight in the US.

While Steven and I were sipping champagne, Shelby promptly found the cork, and we chased her around the house to get it back from her.

She was really bookin' around the living room.

January 10, 2006 | Permalink


That is the funniest so far. I love Shelby. Its like you are sharing her with me. Thank you so much.

Posted by: edieparks | Jan 11, 2006 1:43:13 AM

Very cute! Too bad there isn't video. What a stinker pug.

Posted by: Randon | Jan 11, 2006 9:21:36 AM

Way to peel Shelby!! Surprising how fast a round little ball can run,eyes popping and the biggest smiles on their faces and the more they hear you laugh the more they smile!! More fun than most anything else you can think of. Happy New year to everyone who loves and cares for four legged friends. from Orangeville Canada.

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jan 11, 2006 9:33:09 AM

Wonderful photo! My pug was elderly when I adopted him so I had no idea a little round pug could move on out that way.Go Shelby!!

Posted by: Bo | Jan 12, 2006 3:39:13 PM

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