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Perch part 2

Here's a little detail photo of Shelby resting comfortably on her perch, and looking slightly less depressed than in the previous photo.

January 18, 2006 | Permalink


hi! i have a 6 month old black pug named moxie [you can see pictures here], and she's getting spayed this month and i found your blog while doing a google search to find out possible reactions/side effects of the surgery. anyway i just wanted to say i love your blog, it's cute and informative [i love all the reviews!], and a great way to keep all your memories with shelby in one place. [and i apologize beforehand for this comment being so long, i looked for a link to just email you but i couldn't find one.]

also, a few things:
1. i read a *lot* of books before i got moxie, and they were all good, but not one of them mentioned licking, so i was STUNNED to find out so many other people's pugs do this! i put on lotion after the shower, and she is always after me then. she also usually does it alot right before bed - i let her fall asleep with me before i put her to bed in the crate, and she licks me like crazy, so i thought it might just be a kind of soothing thing for her, but i recently found on pugvillage.com that pugs do this because they love salt, and they can taste it on everything, especially skin. of course, something to do with food. i sometimes get annoyed and tell her "that's enough" but i'm afraid to discourage her too much, since i'd much rather her "give kisses" than bite, dig, or bark.

2. i can't imagine moxie being picky about dog food. she eats everything, even if it isn't food [trying to sneak dustballs inside and cigarette butts outside are a favorite, go figure.] and the first thing she does if we go to someone's house who has a dog is sneak off and find their food bowl and eat anything & everything in it. she gets science diet, soaked in water, and never had a problem, always wolfs it down in about 20 seconds.

3. i have the outward hound car seat that you reviewed, and i like it. what i don't like is that because it loops over the headrest and goes around the seat itself, i can't use it in the backseat, so if someone else wants to sit in the front, like my boyfriend, i have to use the crate. moxie hates the car in general, she's calm but i think it always makes her queasy, and she doesn't like looking out the window. but, when i got her this car seat, she found the straps, clips, the whole thing, just delicious, so she'll just chew on it until we either get to where we 're going or she falls asleep!

Posted by: stephanie | Jan 18, 2006 11:21:58 AM

Our Sandy and your Shelby are almost identical, about the same age too. She is our therapy after a stressful day. Please keep the posts coming. We love to read about Shelby.

Posted by: Sarah | Jan 18, 2006 11:33:08 AM

Hello! We've recently started a puggy blog of our own, and wanted to let you know that we've added a link to your pug blog on ours. We would love a reciprocal link back, but if not, no worries. We've been fans of other pug blogs for a long time now, and finally got around to creating our own place to share, please come by for a visit. We also have a big photo area were people can upload pics of their dogs and we -really- would love it if you would add pics of yours there too. We're at http://www.iggyandbella.com

Iggy and Bella

Posted by: Iggy and Bella | Jan 21, 2006 1:45:52 PM

Hi, your dog is lovely! We're hoping to get a pug at some point (hopefully when we've finished decorating our house later this year) but for now I get my pug fix from your blog! Thanks!

Posted by: Llian | Jan 23, 2006 4:05:07 AM

hi i love!!!!!!!!!! pugs i have one but this one is so cute and its named after me

Posted by: Shelby | Mar 16, 2007 6:11:35 PM

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