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Shelby gets comfortable

I was warming up next to the fire. Shelby decided to get comfortable.
I hope this doesn't become a habit.

I suppose that she sat on me after bringing all those toys didn't get my attention.

February 22, 2006 | Permalink


Its CRAZY what pugs think is comfortable!! My 6 year old pug, Niles, likes it when I lay back in the recliner and he lays across my chest with his feet up over on my shoulder. Comfy for him maybe, not so much for me!!!

Posted by: Shelley | Feb 22, 2006 8:23:31 AM

Meimei loves to rest on me like that too - it gets hard on your back! Cute little Shelby!

Posted by: Amanda | Feb 22, 2006 8:35:02 AM

Hi Winnie-if Shelby offered you her Lamie Doodle and her Froggy and she got no immediate response from her humans, then she must be having a "sit-in" protest!
We love Shelby...thank you for writing your
experiences with her.

Posted by: Jade | Feb 22, 2006 8:35:55 AM

My pug used to do that to me when I was little. I would kneel on the floor so my mom could fix my hair, and Suki would curl up on my calves. Thank goodness my mom always kept film in the camera. We got a great picture of Suki on my legs.

Posted by: Amanda | Feb 22, 2006 6:25:21 PM

Mushu likes to climb up onto my shoulders when I'm sitting on the couch. Another favorite position of his is laying down on my feet when I'm at the computer.

Posted by: J.D. | Feb 22, 2006 6:36:18 PM

Like all pugs, she is DETERMINED to be a part of things! If you ignore the toys, then I'll just park myself here, she thinks. Pugs!!!

Posted by: Delaina | Feb 22, 2006 6:50:01 PM

oh my god! she's just so funny!how uncomfortable is that?! what a crazy dog!gotta love her!

Posted by: dana l. | Feb 23, 2006 8:36:24 AM

How Cute! Sandy does the same thing to us. She always has to be on top of someone. How about the heat they radiate. It is like having a stove on top of you. Gotta love them.

Posted by: Sarah | Feb 23, 2006 9:37:13 AM

Our Lola does the same! She loves to sleep on my butt or throw her self over my side if I'm laying on my side... I guess it's her way of being close to me, but I know they love laying on the butt because it's a nice cushion. Funny pug.

Posted by: Nicole | Mar 2, 2006 3:11:32 PM

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