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A terrible passenger, continued

I mentioned earlier that Shelby is a terrible passenger. As we approach the parking garage, her slight whimpering and whining increases dramatically in volume. I took a little video in case any of you may have been seduced into thinking that Shelby is always a good puppy. Watch the video, and turn up the speakers to similate the effect.

This is why I'm looking into buying a bark collar.

March 24, 2006 | Permalink


My little beagle stood in front of the monitor and listened to and watched Shelby VERY carefully with his head TILTED and his ears TWITCHING. He came to the conclusion that Shelby "doesn't like the parking garage and wants to go home." Poor baby. Who knows what upsets them?! Go figure. Shelby is still adorable, even while "yipping."

Posted by: Maggie | Mar 24, 2006 7:52:04 AM

Merry does exactly the same thing when someone comes to the door - delivery people, takeout food, visitors, the cleaning ladies, doesn't matter. If someone's coming to the door, it's an Event and she freaks out, yipping and lunging for the front door. Must be a pug thing! :)

Posted by: Angie | Mar 24, 2006 8:51:44 AM

Our son's pug does that when anyone leaves. Go figure. That is odd, he just gets so excited when someones goes rather than when they arrive.

Posted by: Nancy | Mar 24, 2006 8:55:26 AM

My Buster does the same crying in the car. Not sure why. I find it annoying too, but I never thought of the bark collar. If it gets too bad, maybe we'll get one too.

My pugs also bark when people leave. Weird. It's always funny because the alpha will snap at the little one, like it's her fault people are leaving. :)

Posted by: h | Mar 24, 2006 12:17:11 PM

My Pug recognizes the landmarks leading to the park and gets excited when we get close. She whimpers and whines. I think that is what your Pug is doing. She goes to work with you a lot and now knows when she is getting close. I know it is probably annoying, but I don't think a bark collar is necessary. She is adorable.

Posted by: Pamela | Mar 24, 2006 1:08:50 PM

my rat terrier was very concerned when he first heard shelby's crying, then he threw back his head and started howling- too funny!

Posted by: leslie | Mar 24, 2006 1:48:13 PM

Bark collars are un-necessary here. She is getting excited because she is going home! She knows where she is, DaiseyMay does the same thing when we get close to home! Maybe she knows she's going home to see Daddy! Don't get a bark collar, it might hurt her in some way. There are other ways to discourage barking.

Posted by: Lisa | Mar 24, 2006 2:40:48 PM

I agree with the comment from Lisa ... no bark collar, please. Just let Shelby express herself, just like WE do. It would be terrible if she couldn't let you know how she's feeling. I guess you'll have to buy some little ear plugs, huh? Have a great weekend with your pup.

Posted by: Maggie | Mar 24, 2006 4:29:01 PM

For everyone who's concerned about Shelby. Don't worry. I'm going to try a humane bark collar. Though I've heard that the shock collars don't hurt the dog, I don't want to use one on Shelby. It's OK to bark, I know that's how she communicates with us. But I need her to be more disciplined about it in the car. I need to hear when I'm driving :)

Posted by: Winnie | Mar 24, 2006 5:14:35 PM

Let us know what you decide to do, Winnie, and how it works, ok? Our doggie barks lots too, so we're interested in your solution. I can understand your being concerned when you're driving. Give the little pugaroonie a hug from us.

Posted by: Maggie | Mar 24, 2006 6:38:47 PM

Shelby is SO cute.....it is a shame that she has to suffer with a bark collar because you choose not to discipline her and be consistant about it.

Posted by: dishinstallers | Mar 24, 2006 9:22:43 PM

one of my favorite things to say is "dogs are the new children", and the comments on here prove it! as anyone with kids can tell you (don't have 'em myself), everyone is an expert on the proper way to 'parent' and quite judgemental about anything that deviates from their particular style.

want something to be truly upset about? go to doggybloggy and watch some of the videos on real dog abuse:

Posted by: leslie | Mar 25, 2006 8:41:18 AM

When my pug, Hank (9), was a puppy and would bark in the car like that, my dog trainer suggested I use a squirt bottle filled with water. I tried it, and it shocked him so much he stopped barking! He still whines in excitement occasionally when we get close to the vet's (he LOVES going there!) and sometimes barks when he sees other dogs, but in general, he's a very good passenger (and he goes to work with me every day) - if you haven't tried the squirt bottle, you might want to before investing in a bark collar. Good luck!
P.S. I love hearing about Shelby - she's all pug!

Posted by: Lisa | Mar 25, 2006 9:55:05 AM

definitely do a review of this one!

and, ignore that rude, unfounded comment above [won't name names but i'm sure you know and already are], i don't know why they would think that was the case, but the rest of us know it most certainly is not! we know you love shelby, otherwise why bother creating this awesome shelby-centric blog?!

good luck!

also, i've heard the squirt techinique too, i might try that since i'm too broke to buy bark collars at this moment. i figure since the spray collars do essentially the same thing, maybe this will do the trick and cost nothing!

Posted by: stephanie | Mar 25, 2006 5:22:26 PM

Loki, my pug, gets all excited whenever we get near my office as well. He whimpers and jumps about. I find it amazing how well he knows different locations, he gets the same way nearing the park or friends houses who have dogs he gets along with.

I don't think she is upset, just excited. Seems like she is very vocal when she is excited, just like in the "Winnie's Home" video.

p.s. she really is looking great lately.

Posted by: Katherine | Mar 25, 2006 8:46:45 PM

Why shouldn't Shelby be able to express herself? I don't think a bark collar is necessary either, but it's your ultimate desicion. We know that you love her and wouldn't do anything to hurt her. My pug recently became really sick and suddenly I missed all those times that she would get excited and bark and run around the house like a lunatic. Fortunately she got better, and now I am so grateful to hear her barking a playing again. Why would I want to silence her?

Posted by: diana | Mar 26, 2006 3:12:21 AM

Yes, I agree with Stephanie about ignoring the comment about "not disciplining." I was shocked when I read that ... totally uncalled for. You & your hubby do a great job with Shelby. Keep posting your super photos and comments as per usual and we will continue to look forward to them. :)

Posted by: Maggie | Mar 26, 2006 11:47:29 AM

I guess I need to start using another username! Seems some of you are upset at the other Lisa! Well I may discourage the use of bark collars but it's not a hangin' offense! I like the idea of shooting water at the dog, but I can see where that could quickly become a game too! Dogs as with children need the right kind of discipline, it's up to us to find the right one though, and that's the hard part! Try the water though, that's how we stopped my niece from screaming when she was little! Hey, it worked and nobody got hurt! It just startled her and stopped the blood=curdling screams! So maybe this will work for little miss Shelby! Keep up the good work Winnie!!

Posted by: Lisa(lisakate) | Mar 26, 2006 1:53:03 PM

The vet I worked for some years ago was impressed with the citronella spray collar when it was first introduced. He thought it was a bit pricy but humane and effective. It looks like Shelby is just really excited and trying to circle like she does when she greets you. BTW Where did you find her seat belt? I have a two seater and my Pugsley used to ride with me on short trips til he knocked me out of gear one day.

Posted by: Bo | Mar 26, 2006 2:23:29 PM

Thanks for the suggestions! I've already bought a spray bottle, and I'll be trying that first. It cracks me up that the spray bottle works on screaming kids too :D

I bought the vest from Molly's Pup-purree in Danville, CA. I'm not sure where else it's sold, but the brand is "Vestharness" (all one word). So maybe it's worth a google?

Posted by: Winnie | Mar 26, 2006 3:05:13 PM

Thanks Winnie. May I ask what size Vestharness Shelby wears? Pugsley is 22 lbs. and is on a ahem....diet. It seems Pugs wear a different size than one would expect to accommodate that neck and chest.
I use a spray bottle all the time in my multi species household. Effective and cheap! Dang! I mighta had kids had I known that worked on them too.....not!!

Posted by: Bo | Mar 26, 2006 3:50:15 PM

Yes, please do a product review of the citronella collar if you get one. I'd also like to hear how the squirt bottle works. Fortunately, I don't have that problem with Mushu. He whined a couple of times in the car a few months back, but not since then.

Posted by: J.D. | Mar 26, 2006 5:04:55 PM

Bo, Shelby wears a small size. She has a 22in girth, but it can adjust to fit a larger dog.

Posted by: Winnie | Mar 27, 2006 9:15:09 PM

How about a calming collar instead?
It is a collar stuffed with safe, natural herbs that calm your pets. I am going to purchase 3 of them to try for my dogs come pay day. Also another good thing is those D.A.P. sprays that you spray onto your surroundings. It is filled with the pheramones of a mother dog to soothe your doggy. I have this plus the plug in. I, however do not know if it works because I have yet to set up a camera to catch the dogs in action when I am not home. Here is the website-

Posted by: hoilum | Mar 29, 2006 3:29:37 PM

I just came across your blog as I was surfing around, looking for cute pug photos to coo at. Shelby is such a cutie! I also have a pug, named Baxter, who also has a habit of whining loudly in the car when we get close to a destination. It drives me crazy! But I guess if I was a little furball riding around in a car, I'd freak out too. :-)

Posted by: erin Enwall | Apr 5, 2006 1:59:29 PM

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