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Shelby appears on a magazine. Neat! Steven's friend Jay contributes to M.P.H Magazine, and he came up with this concept of a spoof ad for Biodiesel.

Introducing, FidoDiesel.

That's Shelby leading the pack. Mostly because she's too small to be in the back.

Steven showed Shelby, but she seemed more interested in the paper.

April 18, 2006 | Permalink


Shelby, I am sooooo impressed! I need your paw print (autograph).

Love your site.


Posted by: Nancy | Apr 18, 2006 6:49:09 AM

Shelby can hold her own with the "big" boys!

Posted by: Rosemary | Apr 18, 2006 6:54:11 AM

wooo go shelby!

it's your big break! :)

Posted by: stephanie | Apr 18, 2006 7:07:22 AM

What a STAR!!! You go girl. Could
Hollywood be far behind?? Look out Frank
the "other" Pug, here comes Shelby.
Best wishes from Orangeville Canada.

Posted by: Ann Crago | Apr 18, 2006 7:16:12 AM

Not that she isn't photogenic (she sure has experience with her papparazi), but she doesn't really say "burly pack dog" to me.

Posted by: Randon | Apr 18, 2006 8:09:11 PM

Shelby's not a "burly pack dog", but someone has to give the orders, and who's more qualified?? Yay Shelby.

Posted by: Manny | Apr 18, 2006 10:14:53 PM

yay shelby!! i wish my gingko could be in a magazine. Greetings from a fellow pug lover in the philippines!

Posted by: Marc | Apr 18, 2006 10:35:16 PM

way to go shelbs! your a great dog who deserves to be on a magazine cover! yay! hopefully you'll make other covers too in the future!

Posted by: dana l. | Apr 19, 2006 3:53:29 AM

I know this is a little off topic and I'm not trying to ignore Shelby's modeling debut (she looks fabulous by the way), but does anyone know if it's ok to give pugs ice cubes? I dropped an ice cube on the kitchen floor the other day and my pug, Toby, snatched it up and loved it. I've given him a few more since then, but I'm not sure if I should be giving them to him. Sometimes the most innocent sounding things can be bad for them.

My vet told me Toby needs to shed a couple of pounds. So, I'm giving him baby carrots now (which he LOVES!!) instead of liver treats and snausages. However, the other day his poo was orange. Guh-ross! Oh well, anything to keep him healthy, right?

Posted by: Desiree | Apr 19, 2006 4:41:40 PM

i give moxie [9 months] ice cubes all the time. she thinks it's a treat but no calories! she likes to chase it around the floor, pick up, put it down, etc. if your guy is trying to swallow the whole thing at once i'd say no because you don't want him to choke [duh] but otherwise it's fine! good cool down summer treat too :)

moxie will eat ANYTHING so i usually give her fruits & veggies as snacks and just one or two little cookies here and there. a lot of veggies will make them have to "go" more and can change color and consistency so watch out! lol but it's normal. also harder crunchy snacks and foods are better than things like snausages because they help clean teeth & don't promote plaque :)

Posted by: stephanie | Apr 20, 2006 6:54:02 AM

Stephanie - Thanks for your response. That's what I thought, but it's always helpful to get other pug parent's perspectives. Toby does the same thing as Moxie with the ice cubes. It's hilarious!
Sometimes he tries to bury them in the couch or a blanket (I guess to save them for later), so he doesn't get it that they melt. He's precious.

Posted by: Desiree | Apr 20, 2006 9:56:04 AM

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