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New bed, lamiedoodle

Steven noted recently that Shelby's Snuggleball was looking pretty shabby. Even Shelby has noticed. It's been harder and harder to get her to move from her day pillow, which does a good job of storing heat, to her Snuggleball. So I took a trip down to Molly's Pup-purree in Danville, and brought her along. Shelby was terribly distracted. She was busy putting her face in every dog bowl within her reach. I didn't get a good sense if she liked the bed, but I've never known her to be terribly picky, so I went ahead and purchased it.

While I was there, I picked up a replacement Lamiedoodle. They didn't carry the white one with the brown face. So I bought this "dark meat" version of Lamiedoodle.

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Hi! I am hoping we can get some insight into the following:

My husband and I LOVE pugs; we have done our research and know all of the trials and tribulations of the breed. However, our love for the pug outweighs the fear of health issues, shedding, etc.

We found a pug through a breeder in PA that sounds perfect for us. She is 5 months old and already housebroken. We planned to take the trip from our home in NY to PA this weekend to meet her and possiblyy acquire her. However, last night we reached out to a pug owner that leads a local pug walk to find out about what is on the market to help with the shedding issue and what we need to have ready in the home before returning with our pug. The gentleman basically told my husband and I we have no business owning a dog when we both are working. He was very stern and abrupt and told us leaving a dog at home is while going to work is like leaving a child locked up in a closet all day. We were heartbroken. We live in a new house with a tremendous back yard and have so much love to offer a pug. Granted, we both work -- which is why we are getting a 5 mo old, already housebroken pug. We both work close to home and my husband goes home for lunch daily and, if needed, could bring the pug to work w/ him. Please, readers, let me know...if you are pug owners, do you work??? Is it a problem for the pug?? Or are we being totally selfish for wanting the joy a pug can bring into a home in return for providing a loving home for the pug???

Thank you!

Posted by: lorraine | Apr 11, 2006 6:54:30 AM

I'm living on my own in a townhouse that has a common green area. Although we are not allowed to just let our dogs roam freely, I take Molly out each time she needs to go to the bathroom and for daily long walks. I've had Molly for 3 years now and have not had a problem with leaving her in the house while I go to work. Granted I do get to take her to work with me from time to time, but she mostly stays at home. Sometimes, I get someone to take her out for a walk during the day while I'm at work.

I totally DO NOT AGREE with the gentlemen about being selfish leaving a dog at home while you work. As you have mentioned one of you go home for lunch so, it doesn't mean the dog will be alone for a long period of time. Not everyone has the luxury of staying at home and I'm sure he's left his dog at home for some period of time as you can't always take your dog with you everywhere as you go about your normal life.

As for the shedding, I didn't find that Molly shed any more than other dogs. Our neighbor has a Corgi and the Corgi sheds a lot more than Molly. Molly is a black pug and I have noticed that black pugs sheds less than a fawn colored pug because black pugs has only one coat of hair. A good bathing and combing should help eliminate the hair problem. It sounds like you guys will make excellent pet owners as you've done your research and would know what to expect. I know my comment is kind of long but I hope it helps. I hope you go ahead with getting your own pug as they are particularly cute!

Posted by: Carole and Molly | Apr 11, 2006 7:47:49 AM

You'll find that there's no shortage of people who have opinions about whether or not you should have a dog. You clearly you have your heart set on this, and have given it a lot of thought.

I would watch for separation anxiety. If the puppy suffers from it, clearly the only homeopathic remedy is a second dog. :)

Posted by: Winnie | Apr 11, 2006 7:55:41 AM

Pugs are a very social breed, they don't like to be alone. We have two pugs so they can keep each other company when we're not around. Ask the breeder if the pug is crate trained and does she show any separation anxiety. The breeder would be the best one to answer your questions since she knows the pug best. As far as the shedding, if you love your pug you live with it.

Posted by: Rosemary | Apr 11, 2006 8:23:50 AM

I cannot imagine life without our pug. The joy she brings us more than compensates for some hair on our couch. We have her groomed every couple of months and that helps a lot with the shedding. As far as being alone, she usualy sleeps most of the time she is by herself. Go ahead and get your pug and see how wonderful they can be.
Good luck.

Posted by: Sarah | Apr 11, 2006 9:08:06 AM

How does Shelby like her new bed and "dark meat" toy? She seems to be neither excited nor disappointed at either in the photo. :-)

Posted by: Beth | Apr 11, 2006 9:22:00 AM

We had our pug for 12 years and our whole family worked full-time (I was finishing my last years at High School at the time). We had no problem living our dog at home for extended periods of time. The longest we left him lone at home was maybe for the weekend but we had the next door neighbour pop in occasionally to feed him and make sure he was okay. Even going on holidays we'd take him to the kennels at the vet, which was like school camp for him because he used to love the chance to socialise with other dogs and be taken for walks by the carers.

He didn't fuss much either when we had to go out for the day. Having a kennel, a backyard and a doggie door (which he could only go into one room, being the laundry to get a drink or something to eat), he was quite happy and we usually found him napping in the sun when we got home or barking at birds.

We still got a heros welcome when we got home though.

Posted by: Jon | Apr 11, 2006 9:35:43 AM

I don't have a Pug, but I do have 2 dogs & 2 cats. I can't imagine life without them. My husband and I both work full time, my daughter goes to school-but we still make time to love our pets and take care of them and they love us right back. If you love and are equiped to take care of a pet, I think it's irresponsible NOT to have one or two or three or more. Where would they be if we didn't love & take care of them? At some shelter somewhere, or worse!

Posted by: Amanda B. | Apr 11, 2006 10:47:55 AM

lol winnie "dark meat"!!! there are some beds like that only square on the drs. foster & smith website which i love, i may get one when the money's right, let us know if shelby snuggles up to it!

between freelancing & coasting on finances when i got moxie at 7 weeks, i was able to stay home until 2 weeks ago when for financial reasons i had to [sadly] return to a full time job.
moxie is 9 months now and i am gone from 8:30am-6:30pm and she never has an accident. however, that's not always the case with other dogs, and i have to admit i am a little skeptical at the term "fully housebroken" at only 5 months. also, when leaving her alone prior to returning to work she did fine, but when she realized i was going to be gone all day every day [well, except weekends] she started getting into things she never had before.
i cannot advise strongly enough that you DO NOT LET HER HAVE THE RUN OF THE HOUSE. housebroken or not, it's asking for trouble. pugs will get into things you never even thought to put away or out of their reach and will eat anything and everything. i have had to put moxie back into the exercise pen because there was nothing she wouldn't get into when i was gone, but at least gate them into a room [kitchens are good since they usually have tile floors instead of carpet in case of messes] that you have "pug-proofed."
be prepared for them to go nuts when you get home, pugs will follow you EVERYWHERE and want to be with you so you coming home is truely an event.
i leave moxie with her toys and i also give her a rubber ball/kong with some peanut butter inside or i have a toy with an elastic stomach that i hide some cookies in so she has something to do while i'm gone, at least for a little while. do not leave them alone with any "chewies" [bones, rawhide, etc.] because they might choke while you're gone.

if you want more input you should google the pug meetup homepage and join up! you can join a meetup in your area and if you come on the worldwide message board there are tons of pug lovers on there to give you advice on anything & everything :)

Posted by: stephanie | Apr 11, 2006 10:49:51 AM

Thank you all for your support! Mike and I truly appreciate it. We presumed we weren't the only pug lovers out there who had to go to work to make a living -- he just made us feel so badly about the thought of leaving the pug home alone. Mike and I have agreed to pursue our pug and look forward to chatting with all of your more often about life as a pug owner.

Any suggestions on dealing with shedding would be very helpful as it sure seems they do shed alot! I guess buying a vacuum is a good start!

Thanks again!

Lorraine and Mike

Posted by: Lorraine | Apr 11, 2006 10:50:51 AM

Shelby's new bed looks spacious and comfortable! Hope she takes to her new
"darker" LamieDoodle. How is Shelby's
whining in the car and her passenger behavior coming along? Hugs to Shelby.

Posted by: Jade | Apr 11, 2006 10:55:33 AM

my boyfriend and i both work during the day (although he usually gets 2 days off during the week), and so far it hasn't been a problem for zooey. i just make sure not to make any extra stops on the way home from my job if i don't have to. as long as we spend the evenings playing with her and walking her, zooey is just fine.

also, i like shelby's new bed! i need to buy a new one for zooey soon too- hers is all gross and chewed up.

Posted by: felice | Apr 11, 2006 11:50:09 AM

The new lamb looks good. Hey, the dark meat will hide the slober marks :)

Posted by: h | Apr 11, 2006 12:42:10 PM

I tink that what that gentleman said was totally crazy. We had a poodle/Bichon Fisee cross and with us both working she was fine, even on her own.

Posted by: JJ | Apr 11, 2006 5:09:56 PM

winnie sorry to be using your shelby site as a contact lorraine and mike i have been a pug breeder if you have questions
about pugs i could try to help you out
and pugs shed there is not getting around it
i am at cynthianpugs@yahoo.com

Posted by: cynthia otero | Apr 11, 2006 5:29:51 PM

Mike and I can't thank everyone who responded to us enough! We are both so touched by the time and effort put forth by all of you on our behalf (especially to Stephanie about not giving the pug full run of the house on the outset -- good point -- we would have otherwise learned the hard way -- thank you) Thank you everyone -- our initially response leads us to believe Pug onwers are as special as pugs themselves! Thanks again! We look forard to any other feedback. We have concluded, despite the shedding and the opinion of one VERY conservative pug owner, that we are going to pursue the acquisition of our pug! Now, believe it or not, we are debating the 5 month old pug to a younger pug we can truly raise on our own. Any thoughts....
Thanks again! We can't wait to share in your pug experiences!

Mike and Lorraine

Posted by: lorraine | Apr 11, 2006 8:11:57 PM

Wow, this is a great set of comments! Thanks everyone :)

As for Dark Meat Lamie, Shelby loves it. She's also sleeping in her new bed, but she not used to it yet.

I tried the bark collar again on the way to Danville. Total fiasco part 2. I think I'll have to try something else. It kept going off at weird times.

Posted by: Winnie | Apr 11, 2006 10:27:58 PM

mike & lorraine -

you are absolutely welcome & right, pug owners are a special breed too - and they are NUTS about their dogs, which you will soon find out are never "the dog," because they are in fact family members :)
if you are getting a puppy, make sure you wait until the puppy is at least 8 weeks old. i got moxie at 7 weeks but only after visiting 3 times and seeing that she was [amazingly!] already paper trained, eating regular dog food, and running outside.
some breeders will let the puppies go early when in fact they need to hang around longer to learn things that their mother and littermates will teach them [no biting, how to interact w/ other dogs, your bed should always be a clean place where you don't eliminate, etc.]
also, i would strongly advise you to take some time off of work if you are getting a new puppy - it is NEVER to early to start training and establishing who's boss, and just plain getting used to the new home & the house rules. i know what you mean though, i considered a rescue pug as my first pug but really wanted the experience of raising a dog from start to finish as moxie is my first dog. it was so worth it, but lots of hard work. i think if you take some time off it can speed up the training a lot because you are essentially there to "train" just by showing them what's ok and what's not 24/7.

anyway, i also still strongly encourage you to join a pug meetup, you will meet other pugs and pug lovers just like you, and then once a month [at least] your baby will have other guys to play with [after shots of course.] also, each individual area meetup has it's own message board but if you go to the "worldwide" message board i assure you there will be no shortage of support and opinions in record time! there are sometimes people that show up on the board just to cause trouble, but if you just come with good questions & share your pug experience it is an amazing resource of real people who are "owned by pugs" as you will soon learn :P

Posted by: stephanie | Apr 12, 2006 8:25:30 AM

I think Shelby will like her new bed better when she has it smelling like it should. Is it larger than her old one? She might want something in it to snuggle up to and take up some of the open space. Dark meat Lamie is cute. Will probably show wear less too.

Posted by: Bo | Apr 12, 2006 8:55:50 AM

I'd say get two Pugs. Two pugs can keep each other company, and I find that people with multiple pugs or a pug+another breed have dogs that are "well adjusted"

I find that many people with just one pug that stays home for long periods of time end up with attention starved dogs.

I work, and my pugs stay home during the days. many days, they have someone walk them during the middle of the day, but still, they are often left alone for long periods of time and they are fine.

Posted by: Matt | Apr 12, 2006 9:41:17 AM

Matt and Stephanie,

Thanks for the advice. Mike and I are getting more and more psyched by the minute! We sent e-mails to all the NY and NJ breeders today and are anxiously awaiting responses. We will keep you posted. Thanks also to Winnie for such a Wonderful and Fun website!!!! We are so inspired that "Shelby" is now on our list of possible names for our pug to be! She has become our inspriration pug! We play the videos over and over and can't wait to have our own "live feed". Thanks again to all for your feedback -- it was a great help to Mike and I and we are excited about joining a great bunch of people owned by pugs!


Posted by: lorraine | Apr 12, 2006 9:53:31 PM

The man who said only the unemployed or retired can own animals is an idiot. There are lots of solutions such as dog walkers, doggie day care, getting two dogs instead of one, or simply making sure that when you come home your dog gets plenty of excercise and love.

Posted by: Chrissycrunch | Apr 13, 2006 4:44:58 AM

Hey! If you are ever looking for another white lamie when dark meat lamie bites the dust, I just purchased one from dogtoys.com. They have some great toys!
ps- I just love you Shelby!! Thanks Winnie for a great site!

Posted by: Jules | Apr 19, 2006 8:19:50 AM

Hi There!

I have a 4 year old pug named Beaker who is the love of my life. I currently share a house with my Mother (I'm 35 and can't bear to say that I live with my Mom, so I say share a house instead). Anyway, my little guy is home alone for about 7.5 to 8 hours at a time. It does not seem to affect him and, if anything, he uses it as his napping time. When I take half days or stop home for lunch, he often does not wake up until I start petting him and then he looks at me as if to say, "What on earth are you doing home? I'm still sleepy." It's pretty funny. You posted this link quite a while ago, so by now, I hope you have joined the Pug Mommy and Daddy club. Enjoy!

Posted by: Jennifer | Jan 22, 2007 11:57:04 AM

i just got a pug cross shitzu puppy. he is 8 weeks old. He is training very well. my only worry is when i need to pop upstairs, go to bed or out the back he goes crazy, scratching, crying and wining...its heart breaking. When he's a little older he may be on his own for up to 4 hours, is he going to be ok? are all pups like this and grow out of it? or is this his nature and it wont stop?

Please let me know your experiences.

Natalie and Max

Posted by: Natalie | Apr 2, 2009 5:29:42 AM

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