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Tug of war

Like most dogs, Shelby loves this game. Steven is tugging on the well-worn Lamidoodle. I keep thinking it's time to retire Lamie, but Shelby keeps picking her out.

April 4, 2006 | Permalink


no, don't take away lambadoodle...obviously Shelby's smitten. Whatta cutie.

Posted by: diana | Apr 5, 2006 3:31:08 AM

Shelby is so adorable! I came across your site yesterday, and have thoroughly enjoyed reading about and watching Shelby's adventures! I, myself, will be a new mommy to a new pug puppy in a few weeks and I am so excited! Shelby's blog has been helpful to me, and I will continue to check in on her. Great site! Thanks!

Posted by: jules | Apr 5, 2006 7:45:39 AM

No, you cannot retire the lamie! You cannot even wash it, for this would remove all the stink she's worked so hard to give it.

Posted by: Randon | Apr 5, 2006 11:27:15 AM

so cute!
zooey likes tug of war too... but usually with the leg of my pants.

Posted by: felice | Apr 5, 2006 12:26:50 PM

Was LamieDoodle the very first toy you ever made or bought for Shelby? She surely must love it the most! You may have to find newer LamieDoodle in the future. I think you once had to sew it back when you repaired it. Hope Shelby appreciates her mommy's sewing abilities!!!

Posted by: Jade | Apr 5, 2006 12:45:05 PM

winnie, do you ever wash toys or just throw out and/or replace the old ones?

almost all moxie's toys are plush this or that and they all get smelly/crusty/drooly/dirty but she loves them so, i don't know what to do, i feel bad about throwing them out!

Posted by: stephanie | Apr 5, 2006 1:04:44 PM

Yes, I do wash her toys. She doesn't seem to mind. In fact, she's quite happy when they come out of the dryer and is anxious to stink them up again.

This is LamieDoodle II. LamieDoodle I was so loved, but so chewed up that the stuffing was falling out. And Shelby is a sucker for stuffing. So I replaced Lamie. She took to Lamie II right way, but it's has gone through multiple repairs. I think I may just buy a new one.

Posted by: Winnie | Apr 5, 2006 1:13:08 PM

so you just pop them in the washer/dryer & they are ok, even w/ squeakers?

sorry to ask more questions but i'd rather not destroy a perfectly good washing machine that isn't even mine washing dog toys haha ;)

Posted by: stephanie | Apr 5, 2006 4:58:52 PM

Yes, squeaker and all. Sometimes the squeaker floods, but sometimes not. I couldn't wash Lamie without altering it so that the "baa-maker" could be removed because it would flood in the wash. But many of Shelby's other toys have squeakers, and most do just fine in the wash.

And, I've yet to meet a dog toy that won a fight with a washing machine. Usually the washer wins. :)

Posted by: Winnie | Apr 5, 2006 7:43:01 PM

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