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Where's Shelby?

We thought we had transitioned Shelby off her Snuggleball, and onto her new dog bed. The Snuggleball is sitting in my office now. But Shelby's found it again, and likes to sit on it while I'm working on my computer. She quietly chews something while I'm working away. But sometimes she's too quiet. Twice last week, Steven asked me where Shelby was. (I thought she was with him.)

Oh no! She was too quiet and I accidentally locked her in my office!

Locked in

Bad Winnie. Bad Bad Winnie.

June 22, 2006 | Permalink


ha ha that made me laugh, I wish my pug Archie was quiet sometimes! He's always up to something naughty

Posted by: Cara | Jun 22, 2006 6:16:15 AM

hahaha, too funny! shelby must have been too cozy to mind though, since she wasn't making tons of noise to get out!

what a cutie. moxie will lay down on her pillow while i'm on the computer or doing something and chew, but she chews the nylabones like crazy so you will just hear a constant "pop...pop...pop..." haha. and if you don't hear anything it's time to see what she's up to, probably sneaking away to eat dust and other non-food items!

Posted by: stephanie | Jun 22, 2006 9:18:58 AM

Teddy "pops" away like crazy on his nylabones too !! They sure love to chew things!! While I'm getting Teddy and Krickets supper ready Kricket will shake a soft toy and Teddy will "pop" at his Nyla..they do that because they get so excited for their dinner,it keeps them from jumping up at me..or even worse the kitchen cabinets (ouch..all scratched up..me and the cupboards!!) Shelby looks happy to have found her favorite old dog bed...they sure know what they like , don't they !!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jun 22, 2006 12:45:49 PM

Shelby looks totally harumph at having been forgotten! what a sweet face! thanks for the giggle! by the way, winnie, I LOVE your site -- I have two pugs and was surfing to satisfy my pug cravings, and am now totally addicted to your site!

Posted by: Sonia | Jun 22, 2006 3:22:17 PM

Awww...poor Shelby! But I don't think she minded too much because she had her favourite bed with her.

When we had our dog, Muffie, we used too accidentally shut her in our cold cellar because we would go down to get canned goods or vegetables and she'd sneak in there without us noticing. Then after a while we'd all be saying "Where's Muffie?" and we'd hear her scratching on the door wanting to be let out. We always felt so guilty after that, so I'm sure she did it more than once because she wanted the attention.

Posted by: JJ | Jun 22, 2006 6:02:43 PM

That's hysterical. I know our babypug, Yahtzee! would never be so quiet. Like your other readers, she's a noisy girl, especially when she's alone. However, thanks to whoever had the GREAT tip about the peanut-butter filled Kong- it's saved our lives (at least our neighbor's annoyance!) Love the site Winnie, keep updating. I love comparing Yahtzee! to Shelby's progress at the same age.

Posted by: Emma | Jun 22, 2006 8:10:48 PM

Doesn't Shelby howl? Our pug used to howl when we left him outside and he wanted to get in. Cheeky boy. He even got real smart in figuring out how to get us to let him in too. We'd seen him shivering so my we'd let him in because it was cold day. But then he also started to shiver when its a hot summers day in Australia! Could of won an Oscar for that performance!

Posted by: Jon | Jun 22, 2006 8:18:30 PM

There was one time I heard a dog faintly barking, didn't know where it was coming from,as I walked down the hallway the master bedroom door was closed, I pushed the door opend and there stood winston, wagging his tail. The other time I really panicked was when I asked my parents where the pug was, they didn't know. I called for him to come several times, nothing. He was not in the backyard, or in my room. I was walking all around the house. AS I passed by my parents room, I heard snoring, I knelt down & glanced underneath the bed to find winston fast asleep. My mom and dad were laughing.

Posted by: Joanne | Jun 22, 2006 11:19:20 PM

She looks soooo innosent can i have her i'll start the bidding at $100$


Posted by: Brittany | Jun 23, 2006 11:11:33 AM

HaHa!! Last week, I had let the girls out to potty one more time before bedtime. DaiseyMay usually fiddlefarts around, sniffing everything on the back porch before she gives up and comes in. Well, I thought I had let both the girls in, and locked up everything for the night and went to bed. When I got up with my honey at 4:30, I called the girls to go outside, and DaiseyMay didn't show up! So of course Chloey was waiting to potty, I opened the back door and there was DaiseyMay looking particularly mad at Mommy! Bad, Bad Mommy!! At least it was warm out that night and the porch is carpeted! I still feel guilty!!

Posted by: Lisa | Jun 23, 2006 2:35:11 PM

Hey Lisa..does Daisy May still fiddle-fart around or did she learn her lesson??....
Cute story..mde me smile!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jun 24, 2006 8:23:47 AM

oh poor shelby!left all alone!

Posted by: miranda | Jun 24, 2006 12:48:42 PM

i'll start the bidding at $200

Posted by: miranda | Jun 24, 2006 12:49:57 PM

Hey Anne: DaiseyMay still fiddlefarts around some......but i think she learned her lesson!! Now I have a hard time getting her to go out, of course it's been raining alot and she refuses to go out in the rain! But there are so many interesting things on the back porch that she just HAS to investigate every day!! We just love her antics, there's never a day goes by that she doesn't do something cute to make us smile!

Posted by: Lisa | Jun 27, 2006 7:57:46 AM

jst LOOK at dat face " how could u do such a thing " face

Posted by: Becki | Jul 2, 2006 10:28:01 AM

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