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Doogie door

Shelby and the screen door

There are a lot of doggie doors at the store that require us to cut big holes in our doors or walls. We didn't really have that option. The doors that access outside are sliding glass doors, like the one in the photo. We got this pet door at PetSmart. It snaps onto the screen, and is pretty easy to install (I'll take Steven's word for it since he installed it.)

But there are some cons...
1. For Shelby to have access, we have to open the glass door, and we don't really like that in extreme weather.
2. If we don't open the glass door wide enough, Shelby can get out, but she can't get back in because the glass door blocks the pet door from swinging the other way to let her back in.
3. If she goes charging out there, she can knock the door off its hinges.
4. If the glass door is closed and clean, but the curtain is open, and Shelby is not paying attention, she could walk into the glass door.

That happened today.

And I am very embarassed to report that Steven and I found it hilarious. She wasn't hurt, but she was clearly disappointed and sat down and let out a sigh/whimper. Steven gave her a sweet pat on the head, and opened the glass door for her.

Poor thing.

...but she's hilarious. :)

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That's cute. I personally think dogs are hilarious and make for great amusement. Our pug Lola did something similar once when we were visiting my parents' house. She came charging in and ran smack into the screen door. It was pretty funny, although she was much more cautious after that. Silly dogs are so much fun.

Posted by: Nicole | Jul 14, 2006 10:17:57 AM

Our son's pug was visiting our beagle ... pug chased beagle through the house ... beagle ran through open sliding glass door ... hubby closed screen door to stop pug from chasing beagle ... pug ran head-first into screen. Poor pug ... just like Shelby ... only a little softer landing. Grandma & Grandpa laughed until we cried ... but pug's mom and dad were concerned about pug's eyes being hit on the screen. Their pug did have to have eye surgery some months after that for tear duct problems but you do wonder if something like that could possibly cause eye problems for them. We had thought about the pet door like yours for our beagle but hubby mentioned the same problems you guys are having, so we just open & close, open & close for Mr. Beagle. Take good care of Shelby ... she's beautiful ... and funny! Love hearing about her! You'll have to buy "Doggles" for Shelby to wear!

Posted by: Maggie | Jul 14, 2006 11:43:42 AM

Would it be wrong of me to ask that you get a bump on video? I feel so guilty.

Posted by: Randon | Jul 14, 2006 9:43:29 PM

I vote for returning the doggie door.
One of Shelbys many fans.

Posted by: edieparks | Jul 15, 2006 11:35:07 AM

A while back, Mushu had an injured tail and the vet put one of those huge plastic collars on him to keep him from licking the wound. The poor dog could hardly make it to the apartment because the cone would catch on the stairs. He also couldn't lick at anything on the ground because the cone would get in the way. I nearly choked on myself trying not to laugh. It was such a sad thing to watch, but also hysterically funny. I felt so guilty.

Posted by: J.D. | Jul 15, 2006 6:20:13 PM

hmmm im telling you winnie im not having good luck finding the pug i want so far every time i find 1 and im ready to head the door to go see it i call before i leave to find directions and they tell me that the pug has neen sold im getting so frustrated but im not going to give up at all i really want a little black one u have any ideas!!!!

Posted by: Karelle | Jul 16, 2006 3:39:22 AM

We've had the doggie dorr for about 8 months now, and this is the first time that Shelby's walked into it. Good news for those who are worried about her. Bad news for people who'd like me to catch it on video. :)

As for finding pugs, I found that the newspaper was the best source for pugs around here. I would call them, ask a bunch of questions, and arrange to see the pugs. There was never a problem getting there in time. But I would also consider a rescue organization.

Posted by: Winnie | Jul 16, 2006 12:35:27 PM

Yes, I agree with Winnie. A rescue organizaton for any breed of dog is the way to go if you don't mind waiting because, depending on the breed, there may be a waiting list. So you just put your name on a list and they'll contact you once they have an a dog for you.

That's what we're going to do to get a rescue greyhound, although I don't think that there's a waiting list for that particular breed and I just can't understand why they aren't so popular with dog owners.

Posted by: JJ | Jul 16, 2006 1:13:26 PM

AAWWW! She bumped her little head?!? Perhaps the little whimper was her way of saying"OH MY HEAD." And really, shame on all of us for laughing, but I know you can't help it! They are so very funny!

Posted by: Lisa | Jul 17, 2006 10:46:00 AM

thanks guys !!!!!!!! umm to tell you the truth im suposed to pic up my new puppy tommrow he is a little black pug and he is 8 weeks old i have been planning to pick him up for like a week now so he will be here tommorow i got him from a breeder in northern florida i live in south florida and it is really hard to find breeders here so i found one in northern florida im paying a hefty price for the dog around 1400 but he is so cute and worth it !!!!!but thank you guys anyway!!!!!!

Posted by: Karelle | Jul 19, 2006 6:43:36 AM

I admit I have laughed at my dogs painful misfortune. Our screen is permantly tweeked because if there is something out back that the big boy has to bark at he will charge the door and blow through the screen. He is not fazed. However, he does run 90 mph though the house and when he hits tile he slides right into the wall. He knows this is going to happen and he will duck his head to save his nose. Now that is hilarious. Really. He hits so hard that his back end comes up. Yep. Cheep entertainment.

Posted by: Priscilla | Jul 20, 2006 9:34:30 AM

hhmmmmm thats funni mi dog is small but she still runs 90 mph through the house just cuz she sees a lame bird its actually quite funni but she does sometimes hit the glass door cuz we keep it very clean lol i kno where u are coming from though!!!!!! LOL

Posted by: Karelle | Jul 20, 2006 10:22:04 AM

I hate to see the embarrased look on their faces when they do something like that...We have put stickers on the patio doors at their eye and nose level,so that they can see them and know that the window is closed,I can't imagine how painful it must be to smash your nose into a glass door,but it must smart...

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jul 20, 2006 5:27:52 PM

About the doggie door situation, I have a friend that got a full-length doggie door for her sliding doors. They were easy to put in and solved the problem of having the cold air, or hot air from outside coming in. Go to www.HomeDepot.com and type in dog door and it will bring you to what I am describing. It isn't cheap, $189, but they were very happy with it and used it for years. You can read the reviews on it, which got high ratings. If you click on the photo, it will give details.
Deb G.

Posted by: Deb G. | Jul 22, 2006 7:32:16 AM

For my furkids, I have the kind of pet door that is an entire panel (top to bottom) for sliding glass doors. I love it & so do the furkids. It has a metal frame all around, & is glass all the way down to the pet flap. It's easy installation, & even comes with insulation strips. My sliding glass door locks into the panel, so I can open/close at will, & the furkids can get in/out even with the sliding glass door is pulled closed. And, I can take it with me when I move. The panels are a little pricey, but imho, worth every penny.

Posted by: pmg | Jul 22, 2006 8:52:24 AM

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