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Shelby's got style...

...blog style, that is.

I work at Six Apart, and we're getting ready to launch a new product, vox.com. It's neat, if I do say so myself, and that's not because I helped out on the project. Shelby was running around the office while the project was under development. She must've made an impression on the other designers because there's a blog theme that users can apply to their blog named "Scribble: Shelby."

Coincidence? Absolutely not. In fact, there's a theme for just about every Six Apart dog.

Shelby Style

Accounts are by invite only. If you're interested, fill in the invitation field on this page and they'll send you an invite code. Here's my Vox blog. When you get there, be sure to add me as a friend :)

And here's a photo that was taken at work. This is Shelby and her pal Maddy. Maddy also has her own Vox theme, and a Vox blog.
Shelby and Maddy

I'm quite happy with the product, so it's bittersweet that I'll be taking another job shortly, and leaving Six Apart. I'm not sure if Shelby can come with me to the new company yet. It's a really small company, and I figured I'd play it by ear when I get there.

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"Just about" every Six Apart dog. Where's Bliss' theme?


Posted by: Keri | Sep 29, 2006 1:15:18 PM

Beauiful lighting to showcase Shelby and Maddy! Good luck, Winnie, with your new position and we sure hope Shelby will be welcomed at your new jobsite!

Posted by: Jade Flores | Sep 30, 2006 2:01:15 AM

Shelby shall be the beloved mascot and eater-of-treats at your new work.

Don't forget to get another shot of her on the boss's desk!

Posted by: Randon | Oct 1, 2006 4:04:40 AM

i didn't know you worked for six apart, that's cool! or, maybe i just didn't pay close enough attention :P

i have a livejournal and we too have the shelby theme..."scribble dog shelby" i think it's called. just got it, and i saw it and of course immediately made the connection but i didn't think it actually was your shelby, how neat :D

now moxie needs one, some black pug love...

Posted by: stephanie | Oct 2, 2006 9:00:31 AM

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