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A difficult decision, made easy

After completing my first week at the new job, Steven and I decided we should celebrate by having dinner in San Francisco. We ate at Morton's. A terribly pricey but very good steakhouse. We usually go once a year, the day after Thanksgiving to take in the frenzy that is the holiday shopping season. But we decided that starting a new job was an equally go reason to celebrate, and decided to splurge.

Our server walked us through the menu. Everything sounded good, however, my no. 1 goal was to save room for dessert, so I wanted a small steak. That is — until Steven pointed out that if I ordered the ridiculously huge (and pricey) prime rib, that Shelby would get a bone.

So of course I ordered the prime rib. And yes, it was the size of my head. I didn't finish it, therefore I had room for dessert.

The following day, Steven and I dined on leftover prime rib for lunch, and Shelby had a fine bone to gnaw on.

Prime Rib Bone

Wait for it....Wait for it...


October 16, 2006 | Permalink


i love that look in the second one, moxie is nuts about all treats but there are some she knows are extra good and special and she just gets that crazed/glazed over "omg hurry with that i can't believe how delicious it will be!"

i don't eat steak and i don't prepare meat at home so moxie doesn't know what it is to have a bone like that, but my roommate is from maine and gets lots of venison when he visits and he'll make venison burgers for everyone, and then one small one just for moxie and the kittens, they all go nuts!

lucky shelby, as usual! :)

Posted by: stephanie | Oct 16, 2006 11:27:06 AM

Oh wow...looks yummy....Kricket and Teddy love it when Bob gets home from a fishing day...he always keeps the lttle fishies for them and takes great time and care cooking them up....just for the "KIDS"...don't we get so happy with ourselves when we do something nice for our puppies...enjoy your chew Shelby.....

Posted by: Ann Crago | Oct 16, 2006 12:53:12 PM

What a lucky girl. I've never given Rocco a bone but I can imagine how delighted he'd be to get one. Enjoy it Shelby.

Posted by: Cris | Oct 16, 2006 5:28:41 PM

That's one delicious doggie bone! Shelby sure is a lucky pug...

Posted by: Randon | Oct 17, 2006 6:06:13 AM

I have 7 dogs actually, ranging from (largest) black and tan hound to (smallest) mexican hairless. I do the same, it's a great idea! Restaurants portions are always oversized, and my babies always know when they see the 'doggie bag' that I've been brought treats!

Posted by: mydogs2cute | Oct 17, 2006 9:30:50 AM

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