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Food logs

I've been keeping a log of everything Shelby eats, how much, whether or not she had Benedryl, and what the reaction is. I think the Wellness Chicken Kibble allergy theories are sound. I gave her a little bit as a test, and her poop went a bit soft. I think Wellness Chicken Flavor is definitely a problem. Steven suspects that all this experimentation might have more to do with it, and that might be as well.

This doesn't mean that the new food is doing any better. Shelby is hungry so she'll eat it, but she obviously doesn't like the new food as much. Plus, this morning, we gave her 1/2 cup and she got welts again, even with the Benedryl.

I suppose I should be grateful that Shelby's not a complainly pug. She's taking this whole thing like a champ, which makes me feel bad about experimenting with her food.

So what's next?
Well we will probably keep giving her the venison and potato kibble until after Thanksgiving. She gets welts, but her puking has stopped. We are visiting mom's for Thanksgiving. Mom loves Shelby, and would have her over no matter her condition. Even so, I can't imagine that a barfy runny pug is going to be the life of the party. I'll be sure to take some pictures to share with all of you.

After that, I'm going to test some boiled meats to see how she does. Tonight's test with a bit of boiled turkey liver worked out quite well. And the little bit of boiled beef she got also seems to have no allergic effect. And the bit of cheese we wrap her Benedryl pills in also has no effect. Good news for Shelby. At least she can still eat some of her favorite things.

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My pug Mylo was on Wellness Chicken for about 2 years. He would randomly barf on it but never had any welts. We switched him on our vets advice after he developed allergies (constant licking, scatching and he skin didn't look right). These allergies seemed to grow more severe after Wellness changed some of the ingrediants in their food (about 1.5 years ago).
One year after switching him to Medi-Cal Hypoallergenic I can say that I can probably count on one hand the amount of times he has barfed and the scratching and licking have decreased 10 fold. Mylo still needs to go on Benedryl in the spring but he is much healthier now. I haven't read all of your posts, but have you tried one of the hypoallergenic foods on Shelby yet?

Give her lots of hugs and kisses from all of us.

Posted by: Kelly | Nov 23, 2006 8:36:52 AM

What did the vets say when you had her in there the other day? Did they do any tests? Did they find anything at all? Let us know.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Posted by: Marie | Nov 23, 2006 8:44:23 AM

The pictures were form Shelby's first visit to the vet. That was when he prescribed the venison and potato kibble.

I haven't tried the hypo allergetic food yet, but I'm taking notes on all the suggestions on the blog, and after Thanksgiving, I'm going to look into them.

Posted by: Winnie | Nov 23, 2006 11:27:18 AM

Hi -- My last dog (a mixed breed) used to get digestive upsets once in a while, and to "reset" her system, we fed her just steamed rice flavored with a little baby food or grated cheese mixed in.

Posted by: betty | Nov 23, 2006 3:39:41 PM

As a treat, I've been giving our very allergic pup a bit of fresh baked sweet potato, or yams. He loves them. It was suggested by our vet. Love you, Shelby!

Posted by: Maggie | Nov 24, 2006 6:24:32 AM

HI-My pug, Mia, is being treated by an allergist/veterinarian for various allergies. She is currently on Science Diet Z/D Gold (reduced allergenic formula). She has been diagnosed with allergic dermatitis which can lead to stomach upset especially if she licks her paws due to itching or irritation. For that, she is being treated with allergy injections that are formulated by the veterinarian. Since she started both programs in the last year, she has been doing a lot better. Her coat is full and her skin is less itchy. She is also deathly allergic to vaccines, including rabies. There is a rigid protocol for her vaccinations. If you are interested, I will forward the information to you. I hope this helps Shelby!

Posted by: Mari | Nov 24, 2006 3:16:56 PM

I made winston go through different brands
of dog food too. I found out he was allergic
to beef and wheat. Holistic dog food was
my answer. We switched to Wellness chicken
formula. He loves it. But when I moved
here to Vegas, it was such a feat to look
for it. The smaller dog shops over here sells more solid gold products more than wellness. I purchse the fish formula for
older dogs. Winston seems to love it more.

Best of luck in finding what shelby is really allergic too. Pug Hug from winston
and me.

Posted by: Joanne | Nov 24, 2006 3:26:44 PM

Have you every tried skipping the kibble all together? After having food allergies with one of my dogs, I stopped using commercial dog food. My dogs eat meat,rice(or potatoes) and fresh vegtables. I have not had hives since. To save time, I cook on weekends and make servings for the whole week. Since pugs have such a love of food, fresh veggies are not a problem adding to the diet.

Posted by: Kathy | Dec 9, 2006 4:56:40 PM

I wouldn't mind cooking for her but we seem to have found a kibble she's doesn't react to. That doesn't mean that occassionally, she doesn't get some rice, veggies, or eggs :) She adores the stuff.

Posted by: Winnie | Dec 9, 2006 5:48:35 PM

Consider this food option.
Shilee, our soon to be 12 wk old Pug, has loved this concoction since we got her on August 3.
1 1/2 cups of browned grond turkey (97% fat free)
1 heaping Tblsp of canned pumpkin
1 heaping Tblsp of plain fat free free yogurt
1 heaping Tblsp of cooked plain oatmeal
I mix her bowl with small amount of Science Diet (for Toy breeds) and she inhales it as if she may never eat again.
By the way the pumpkin is 100% fiber, as used by Docs on tv show, E-Vets.

Posted by: Laurie | Sep 2, 2007 7:38:12 AM

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