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Chilly Shelby

The heater (top)

Hey, so um...Shelby...I think you're a little close to that heater. How about backing up a few inches?

The heater (side)

Come on...just a few inches, your eyes are going to dry out. It's 70ยบ in the house. It's not that cold Shelby.

January 4, 2007 | Permalink


Shelby is too cute. sometimes i think "pug" is just another word for "heat sponge". our little guy will find any source of heat in the house (sunbeam, fireplace, lap) and park himself there.

Posted by: trace | Jan 4, 2007 8:14:55 AM

is she perhaps whispering messages to the Heater Gods or like E.T , phoning home???
Shelby you ARE a strange girl!! Keep warm!!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jan 4, 2007 3:13:15 PM

Shelby needs her doggles on when she's near the heater to stop her eyes drying out :)

Posted by: Rose | Jan 4, 2007 4:07:13 PM

My heart melts and my face turns into a wide smile whenever I see your precious Shelby. Thank you for sharing her with us.
Has her allergies or welts subsided? Did you find a way to reduce her discomfort?
Have you given her the duck and potato diet with any success? What is the best thing to do to keep pug shedding under control?
I must have missed the answers to these
pug-keeping questions. Sorry I am so dumb.
Love to you all.

Posted by: Jade | Jan 4, 2007 4:50:08 PM

Love her! I try and check in everyday. She makes me laugh while I'm at work away from my Lucy (11 mo. Fawn, they could be sisters!!). She never misses an opportunity to bask in the suns rays when it comes through our windows. She makes me me laugh everyday, they both do! Thanks for the comic relief! Your captions are hysterical!

Posted by: Nilda | Jan 5, 2007 10:35:36 AM

She sure loves being warm...hey, the girl knows what she likes!

Posted by: Cris | Jan 5, 2007 2:12:06 PM

I don't know how Shelby has any whiskers left with that position!
Don't change a thing Shelby , stay just the way you are ... perfect

Posted by: edieparks | Jan 6, 2007 2:59:05 AM

Hm, time to put that pug in a sweater.

Posted by: Randon | Jan 6, 2007 11:49:46 AM

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