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Mister Duck lives...for now

As you may recall, Shelby was so excited about getting Mr. Duck for Christmas that she opened him early, and was consequently interrogated, and she and Mr. Duck were separated.

I am happy to report that she and Mr. Duck have been reunited since Christmas, and are getting along famously.

And by "getting along famously" I mean that Shelby is trying to tear him apart, much like she did her latest Lamiedoodle. Alas, after a brilliant recovery from a severed leg, Lamiedoodle has suffered a mortal wound to the chest and must be retired. I've tried fixing a chest wound before, and it just never really works out.

As for me, Mr. Duck is quite noisy and irritating, but I am glad Shelby likes it, and no doubt she will destroy him soon, and we can replace him with a less noisy toy.

January 9, 2007 | Permalink


Oh my! Shelby you are a little warrior... just like my little Ronin! Mr. Duck looks like a fantastic toy. Kisses!

Posted by: Ady and Ronin | Jan 9, 2007 6:28:18 AM

A true Pug...my guys also like to terrorize their stuffed toys...they got a whole new set of victims for Christmas too...Ducky,your days are numbered I would think...Teddy and Kricket were very impressed with Shelby's handy work and barked and ran around when they heard poor Ducky's cries...who knew Pugs were so savage!!! Hang in there Ducky...maybe Shelby will get bored with you soon!!!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jan 10, 2007 5:55:13 PM

My spaniel Freckles, who has a similar ducky, but protects him and uses him for a pillow, was disturbed by Mr. Duck's cries of distress.
You're lucky Santa didn't bring Shelby the roaring dinosaur.

Posted by: Bo | Jan 10, 2007 7:31:10 PM

oh man, dogs can be vicious can't they?! wow! oh well, at least they get enjoyment out of playing with things!

Posted by: dana | Jan 11, 2007 4:28:54 AM

Hang in there Mr. Duck.

Posted by: Cris | Jan 12, 2007 4:39:57 PM

Where did you get the duck from? I played the video while my pug was sitting next to me and she was completely facinated by the noise.

Posted by: Christina | Jan 13, 2007 6:35:07 PM

We bought it from Three Dog Bakery, though I'm not sure if all of the Three Dog Bakery's carry the same merchandise. But I checked the tag and it says that Mister Duck is made by www.loopiestoys.com.

Though I think the quacking can get a little irritating after a while.

Posted by: Winnie | Jan 13, 2007 10:47:49 PM

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