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Please welcome H. Doodle

Good news! H. Doodle has just signed on as an advertiser, and therefore we have a bit more money to give to pug rescues. (More about donations later.) You can see their darling little ad on the right side of this blog. In honor of our new advertiser, I dressed Shelby up as their logo (perhaps mister H. Doodle himself) and after some Photoshopping, came up with this...

Shelby as H. Doodle

And more good news on the donation front, H. Doodle donates 15% of sales generated from Shelby's blog to a non-profit of our choice. Neat :)

January 15, 2007 | Permalink


You look smashing Shelby! I'll browse through H. Doodle and love hearing about great cuases.

Posted by: Cris | Jan 15, 2007 7:19:37 AM

"I say, won't you join me for some tea and a cardboard tube?"

Posted by: Randon | Jan 15, 2007 10:59:12 AM

Hats off to you for getting such a neat shot of Shelby in that top hat!

Posted by: Nancy | Jan 15, 2007 11:06:15 AM

cool! best of both worlds, i always love that. and what are the odds that, just this morning i was looking at dog sushi toys and, this site happens to have on their homepage the exact ones i was looking at? it's a small doggy world. keep up the good work [and looks] shelby!

Posted by: stephanie | Jan 15, 2007 11:55:36 AM

Good salesmanship there Shelby....a good look for you too...very dignified!! (Different than the demise of Ducky!!) Keep up the good work..more help for other doggies can only be good!!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jan 15, 2007 4:41:37 PM

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