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Office buddies

The office is dog friendly, so I brought Shelby on Friday, because she was bored at home, but also I thought it would be nice to have her company. She promptly took a dump in the office (bad girl) which I cleaned up. She later figured out that despite the size of the place, it was not OK to poop here. Accident free for 2.5 years, and she decides to screw up now. Ugh. But she was a bit out of sorts because she didn't pee all day depsite many trips to a rather inviting looking tree. She does this whenever the environment is new. Next time I'll bring her litter box in my trunk so if she really needs to go, she has a place.

A new friend

There was already an office pug named Petunia. EVERYONE knows Petunia. She comes everyday, and she is hilarious. So of course when Shelby showed up, everyone came up to her and said "Hi Petunia!" and gave her a nice pet on the head. By the end of the day, people were starting to tell the difference between the two. Hopefully the color coded collars helped. Plus, Shelby typically looks more worried than Petunia.

Shelby and Petunia got along very well, and would occasionally chase each other around the office.

As for Shelby's performance as an office pug, she did just OK. After the morning's poop incident, she sat in on my presentation and proceeded to try out everyone's laps, and then smell everything, prompting her to have a sneezing fit. Not very dignified, but she did quite well the rest of the day. We are looking for improvement, otherwise this is going to show up on her annual review.

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Oh, you naughty pug. I'm sure you didn't mean it.

Shelby looks nothing like Petunia! I think Shelby should set up a Powerpoint presentation on pugs and telling them apart. She could carry the laser pointer in her curly tail.

Posted by: Randon | Feb 7, 2007 6:43:10 AM

Oh how fun!! I brought the girls to my office once (no dog friendly, more of a sneak attack) and Miko pooped. Sigh.

Sounds like it was an adventure for sweet Shelby.

Posted by: amanda | Feb 7, 2007 8:13:20 AM

Well as we learned from the pumpkin patch...

Pugs: Give them an inch and they'll take a dump.

Posted by: Randon | Feb 7, 2007 12:06:31 PM

to people without pugs, all pugs are the same dog :P no matter, they are both darling!

moxie also doesn't like to go to the bathroom where it is "new" - she acts like it is not okay unless we are home in HER spot.

and my rescue big p, he is nearly blind and has some separation anxiety issues, so new places make him pretty nervous. a friend from our meetup volunteered her house for a pug secret santa, and the first thing p did when he walked in was to take a big poop on her dining room rug. thanks! didn't even sniff or anything, go figure. and THEN he pulled an exorcist move and projectile vomited twice later on all over her recliner.

i am thankful for the people in life that do not get all up in arms about these things.

we still love ya, shelby :)

Posted by: stephanie | Feb 7, 2007 1:34:00 PM

OK, so Shelby pooped....mommy cleaned it up real good. Mommy wanted to share Shelby with her co-workers. Did the new laps feel good?
Shelby probably felt like she should christen the new work location....I like
Shelby's wrinkles better than Petunia's.

Posted by: Jade | Feb 7, 2007 7:07:40 PM

Poor thing... she looks so worried in that picture. Did you take it right after the "incident"?

Posted by: Cris | Feb 10, 2007 1:34:26 PM

That's what's so funny about Shelby. This was taken when she was having a pretty good time. It's so hard to get her to look happy.

Posted by: Winnie | Feb 10, 2007 4:49:51 PM

I think it's great that you work in a dog friendly company. I just recently adopted a 13 year old senior pug. I'm also in the progress of looking for full time work. It would be so awesome if I can land a position with a dog friendly employer here in town. I can bring Peanut with me and he won't have to be alone at home.

Posted by: Peggy | Feb 14, 2007 7:17:58 PM

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