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A whopping Easter

Shelby joined us at Steven's brother's for Easter. One of the kids had a carton of Whoppers in their room, and while Steven and I were socializing, Shelby tore into it. We're not sure how many she ate, if any at all. However she seems no worse for wear from the experience, as Whoppers are covered in carob, not chocolate.

A Whopping Easter

We thought about whether or not we should blog this, as we would hate to worry you all about how irresponsible Shelby's people are. I decided that this would be a good cautionary tale, and Steven noted that all of dog ownership is just one gigantic cautionary tale.

Goodness Shelby, what a scare you gave us.

April 18, 2007 | Permalink


Trust me, you don't have to be an irresponsible dog owner for this to happen. There just needs to be one open door. Somehow pugs will find whatever it is they're not supposed to.

Posted by: Shelby | Apr 18, 2007 6:51:05 AM

I am overly vigilant, and Ruby still manages to get into things I never even knew she could find. Don't feel too bad. I hope there were no "after" effects!

Posted by: DancesInGarden | Apr 18, 2007 7:50:10 AM

"After effects," like, runny poop?

My parents were idiots. They had a rat, so they left out rat poison on the floor. Me, a child, noticed the family dog having a little snack. He was very polite as we stuck a funnel in his mouth and poured hydrogen peroxide down his gullet to induce vomiting. Honestly, he didn't struggle at all (he never did for things like this, clipping his nails, etc). He went on to live to be old enough to vote.

So anyway, be sure to watch where you put vermin traps of any type. And if there's a mistake, keep around some hydrogen peroxide or epicac.

Posted by: Randon | Apr 18, 2007 8:32:20 AM

Pugs find all the thinngs they aren't supposed to get into no matter how careful you are. I think our little puggy girl Jazzy has a stash somewhere because I catch her with things and wonder where in the world she got them from since nothing was out. Go figure. No harm done, but just like with small children, you have to supervise littly puggys very carefully to keep them safe.

Posted by: Medra | Apr 18, 2007 10:17:53 AM

yup lou is the same he finds things and I don't even know where those things come from most of the time I have perfected the talent of pulling things out of his mouth.

Posted by: Donna | Apr 18, 2007 3:25:54 PM

Myself and my three best friends, all are animal lovers and all have multiple pets. Most of our friends and relatives are animal lovers ('cause we don't like people who don't like animals) anyway...I have heard soooooooo many stories about the dogs getting into the Easter basket or the Halloween bag, or the Christmas candy and even into the Thanksgiving dinner!!! So, don't feel bad at all, it happens to EVERYONE!!! They're like kids...a bit mischevious ;)

Posted by: A.Backus | Apr 19, 2007 10:26:49 AM

Last week our pug Max got the chocolate cookies I had stashed by my side of the bed. I'm pregnant and I was craving them and I left them out... and I felt like the worst dog owner out there. Nevermind the fact that he had to have climbed on top of my nightstand and gotten them from behind the box of kleenex I'd hidden them behind on the other side of the nightstand.

Yesterday, Max ate a small container of Ranch dressing that he knocked down from our butcher block. He rammed the block and made the dressing fall to the floor and then took it to his bed for a snack.

Food brings out the misfit in him.

Posted by: Keely | Apr 19, 2007 2:14:30 PM

A friend's pug ate an entire 200g milk chocolate hollow easter bunny. She threw up alot and was given charcoal by the clinic but was fine. It seems dogs can handle more chocolate than we are led to believe. I don't suggest feeding them a chocolate bar but, I know I am no longer going to panic if I drop an M&M on the floor!

Posted by: Sara | Apr 19, 2007 7:05:02 PM

wow! i'm glad nothing bad happened to shelby after eating those balls! (if she did eat them!) only after i read your blog did i remember that chocolate is bad for dogs and i started to worry, but thank god she's ok!:) close call there.....

Posted by: dana | Apr 19, 2007 7:06:44 PM

They say that chocolate is bad for dogs and can cause a lot of problems. All of my dogs have eaten chocolate especially before we knew it was bad for them. Now they sneak it and they never get sick.

Shelby is a tuff cookie, a chocolate one Ü, she'll be fine.

Posted by: Priscilla | Apr 20, 2007 6:03:06 AM

whoppers are really covered in carob??

i like whoppers, but had no idea. hm.

anyway, like everyone else has said, definitely don't feel bad - and pugs especially man they really are the worst! this is why i still contain moxie when i'm out, she just always finds something.

it's worse with three kittens too, they are always knocking things down and then she gets them - not too long ago by a seinfeld-esque series of events they all shared one of those chocolate lindt truffles. i flipped out called my roommate [who was a vet tech] but she said they'd be okay and of course, they were. sure were proud of themselves though the buggers!

Posted by: stephanie | Apr 20, 2007 12:56:32 PM

once i burned a batch of brownies and threw them in the trash because my dog forrest NEVER got into the trash. well, he did that time and proceeded to throw up copious amounts of brown goo. luckily i keep charcoal capsules on hand- gave him a bunch of those and he was fine. they're good for upset people tummies, too.

(wow- i never knew whoppers were carob!)

Posted by: cake | Apr 20, 2007 2:10:01 PM

Per Wikipedia, Whoppers do contain carob but cocoa is on the ingredient list as well (right before carob) so they still have chocolate in them.

I had to check because I am allergic to chocolate and was getting grumpy that I could've had Whoppers when I was a kid!

Posted by: Harper | Apr 24, 2007 8:29:13 AM

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