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The rough life of Shelby pug

The Rough Life of a Pug

Yep. It's rough. Soaking up the sun is tough work.

June 1, 2007 | Permalink


well...somebody has to do it! nice work Shelby!

some days i think pugs are solar powered. my little guy does the same thing.

Posted by: trace | Jun 1, 2007 6:32:18 AM

I love how pugs cross their legs when they lie in their side. Ruby looks like a little black piglet.

Posted by: DancesInGarden | Jun 1, 2007 7:21:59 AM

Gosh Shelby...you make the floor look sooo comfortable!! Even your shadow is aborable!

Posted by: Cris | Jun 1, 2007 3:41:29 PM

geez, sometimes i really wish i had the life of a dog! (wait, in a way i actually do kind of!) ah, that looks so heavenly! :) you go girl!

Posted by: dana | Jun 2, 2007 2:32:23 PM

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