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No puppet love today

I brought Shelby to work on Friday. She had a great time playing with Bianca, the BUrmese Moutain Dog. Unfortunately the two moved too fast for me to snap a photo. Suffice it to say, Shelby returned to my desk several times during the day with a gigantic panty smile on her face from playing chase with Bianca.

Later on, one of my co-workers broke out his puppet. While the humans all got a huge kick out of it, you can see from the photo, the dogs are a bit more confused. This is Shelby running circles around "Daulty" the puppet, trying to make out what he is, and whether or not she could trust him. We even put atreat inside Daulty's mouth to get Shelby to kiss him, but alas, the pug remains suspicious.


October 1, 2007 | Permalink


So glad you have made a new entry, we missed you. Looking forward to another
surprise for Halloween costume design.
Shelby is running so fast, we can't see her
in this photo. Must have been fun for the
dogs at work. Keep writing and taking great
photos. Thanks.

Posted by: Jade | Oct 1, 2007 9:08:09 AM

Missed ya....Shelby is so happy she's just a blur....Go Shelby!!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Oct 2, 2007 3:09:57 PM

omg, shelby is so funny! i love reading about her! cutie! :)

Posted by: dana | Oct 2, 2007 8:03:03 PM

My Computer's been out of whack and I just now got to catch up with Shelby---SO SO sorry to hear about the VET experience that she and Steven had and the repercusions that caused poor Shelby to have the blahs! You really do need a new Vet, and I'm sure you will find a good one if you talk to your friends at Pug Savers or one of the other Pug rescues places there close to you. Glad to know that Shelby is feeling better. You and Steven are as good of pug parents as my daughter and son-in-law and that is saying a lot!

Posted by: Briana Mitchell | Oct 11, 2007 8:43:59 AM

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