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Poor Shelby's not feeling well

And make no mistake, I am miffed about it.

This all started with her annual checkup to get her insurance renewed.

Steven brought her to the vet, and was told that she was behind on 4 of her vaccines. We didn't get any reminders about booster shots, but Steven got a nice lecture about it anyway. Despite telling Steven that he would be able to drop Shelby off in order to make a doc apt of his own that morning, they changed their tune when he and Shelby arrived. Because she was not signed up for the Wellness Program, he would need to wait with her. They assured him that they would be done in plenty of time for his appointment.

An hour and a half later, Shelby had her clean bill of health and 4 vaccines.
They recommended a dental for Shelby.
And Steven's pissed because he's missed his doc appt, and he's 150 dollars poorer.

Here we are 5 days later, and she's feeling sick. We read the paperwork, and her congestion is probably caused by or a reaction to the kennel cough vaccine. However, at the same time her poop is soft, and her right eye is red and she's having trouble opening is all the way. (I really hope it's not pink eye.)

We gave her a bit of beef broth as a treat, and turned on the portable heater to keep her warm so she can sleep. Oh poor Shelby, I hope you feel better soon.

Under the weather

Meanwhile, Steven and I are considering changing vets. I am a bit irritated that Shelby was given so many vaccines at one time. We would've gladly separated this into two trips to reduce the risk of any reactions. And I don't want to have this office administer anesthetic for a dental. I'll look for some other options for vets who don't use anesthetics. (I think there's one in San Francisco.)

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Oh dear!!! Shelby get well soon. There is nothing wrong with changing vets. If we don't like a dr for what ever reason we change, we have to make that decision for our pets too.

one of your many fans,


Posted by: edieparks | Oct 7, 2007 11:38:22 AM

Poor baby. It sucks when they are sick. We had to leave ours at his kennel for 9 days while we were on vacation. He freaked out the day I got him home. My husband went outside and our pug forgot I was in the living room and went nuts. He was whining and attacked the garbage can. Never seen him do that in the 3 years we have had him.
Hope Shelby feels better.

Posted by: Cat | Oct 7, 2007 12:07:33 PM

Please don't take her to Banfield--they almost killed my son's dog with the same experience!
Have you called another vet about this reaction? Have you given her Benadryl?
Please take her to someone one else to check this out--she's been sick so long.
Immediate action saved Bennie's life.

Posted by: Judy Pence | Oct 7, 2007 12:07:59 PM

Poor Shelby. At least she didn't get hives. I agree 4 vaccines at one time is too many. My vet won't do that because she says it's too much of a hit to the immune system. I hope Shelby has a speedy recovery. Steven deserves accolades for his role in the
'vexing vet' appt. Time for a new vet. The dentals are no prob. Vets like anesthetic because they can do a thorough exam n cleaning & in case they find a pocket an extraction. Happened with Reddy my pound pup. Take care. Julir.

Posted by: juli | Oct 7, 2007 12:20:53 PM

Oh no - that's terrible. I think it's very smart for you to look into another clinic to take care of Shelby because that was just not right to give her so many shots at once.

I hope she starts feeling better soon! Kisses from Meimei and Miko

Posted by: Amanda | Oct 7, 2007 12:50:56 PM

Dear Winnie-I hopre Shelby does not have
"pink eye". Yes, change Vets and ask if the new vet and his staff have a better reminder system for overdue vaccinations.
Also, if Shelby were a human, would she want
4 vaccinations on the same day? I think not. There is bound to be some reaction and
irritation at the site. Hope Shelby is not
throwing up, running a fever or having
diarrhea. Get her away from your previous
doctor and see if she can get her symptoms
calmed down. We are rooting for your quick
action. Sorry your Steven missed his medical appointment. His needs are important, too. Love all of you guys!!

Posted by: Jade | Oct 7, 2007 1:36:25 PM

Poor Shelby! You should absolutely change vets. Guess that clinic didn't realize Shelby is a V.I.P (Very Important Pug!) I'm so sorry to hear about your experience and I hope Shelby is feeling better soon.

Posted by: Boston Shelby Fan | Oct 7, 2007 4:58:19 PM

winnie, please find shelby a vet with a more holistic view of medicine. most vets today over-vaccinate then try to make us feel guilty when we refuse to comply with their wishes- annual boosters are simply not neccessary.

my pup had a severe reaction to two shots last year, now i'm afraid to take him back in for any more. i've recently switched him to an all people-food diet (also a big no-no to many vets) and he is thriving.

here's just a couple sites that talk about current practices:



hope shelby feels better soon- you are such a good mama to her!

Posted by: circuscake | Oct 7, 2007 5:00:25 PM

Poor Shelby! Nibbles had a bad reaction to his rabies vaccine a few months back, but the vet was very good when we called back. He said Benadryl as well, and that if his symptons hadn't calmed by the next morning to bring him back in.

I agree with switching, and that you should get the poor baby checked out again.

Posted by: Larissa | Oct 7, 2007 5:02:33 PM

hope shelby gets better soon, winnie. we all love her in my household.

Posted by: grouch | Oct 7, 2007 5:33:09 PM

I agree with everyone in that you should find another vet. There's no excuse for them not knowing that 4 vaccines at once is too much. I didn't know it before I spoke with Mushu's doctor, but any vet should know better. And be sure to ask Shelby's potential new vet if they send out reminder notices. Mine does and I could not live without them.

Posted by: J.D. | Oct 7, 2007 6:20:26 PM

Get well soon, Shelby! I myself have had enough of vets in the last week...one of my dogs (Macy, pug/lab mix) kept throwing up (GI infection, got meds and now is fine) and one who suddenly lost sight in her right eye (Ellie, my foster pug). However, I DO LOVE my vet, he is awesome!! You need to find one you trust wholeheartedly with Shelby. It makes all the difference in the world!

Posted by: Delaina | Oct 7, 2007 9:08:47 PM

I know it is far for you, but when I was living in Mountain View, Dr. Paul Umeda of Arroyo Animal Hospital in Sunnyvale took care of my bullmastiff Daisy. He is simply THE BEST! I've never met another vet who loved animals as individuals as much as Dr. Paul. His sister is also a vet and practices somewhere around the Bay Area

Posted by: Dolores Villanueva Johnson | Oct 8, 2007 12:14:14 AM

Arrggg! Those Vets! Any good vet should know that pugs can't handle all those shots at once... I have heard many a horror story like yours. Our two pugs get only one shot at a time, and they pre-treat them with benedryl first. Also, you may want to look into "Titers" , it is a blood test to see if the vaccine is still in there system from last time, so this way they don't need another vaccine (to much vaccine can reap havoc on a pugs immune system) I have always had this done and my pugs haven't had shots in years because it is still in their blood. Most vets offer this service, you just have to ask. I hope Shelby feels better soon! Definatly change vets and give Shelby some benedryl. Pug hugs and love!

Posted by: stacey | Oct 8, 2007 6:55:49 AM

Trust your mommy instincts. I've heard that pugs do not do very well under anesthesia so you definitely want to get a vet you can trust.

Hugs to puggy from me.

Posted by: Priscilla | Oct 8, 2007 7:58:13 AM

I agree with Judy - do NOT take your dog to Banfield. We were with them at the beginning and our current vet said they were over-vaccinating our dog!

Posted by: Grace | Oct 8, 2007 10:01:55 AM

I'm with you 100%. Change vets! I can just imagine how miserable Shelby feels. Just imagine a doctor doing that to us (and some of them do, we have to take care of ourselves these days). Feel better, Shelby.

Posted by: Maggie | Oct 8, 2007 10:43:20 AM

Poor Shelby. My heart goes out to you. She should see another vet shortly. She needs an iv with fluids and rx to counteract the reaction. Poor Steven trusted your vets and look what happened. I went through several vets before I found an office that knew what they were doing. Trust your instincts!

My pug, Mia has suffered from allergic reactions to vaccinations (anaphalatic shock)since she was a puppy. Fortunately, Little Angels Pug Rescue founder Sherrie told me about Vanderhoof Vets in Altadena, CA (so. Calif.). They are the best vets, hands-down. They figured out that prior to vaccinations, Mia needed 18 mg. of benedryl and 4 mg. IM Dexamethozone (NUPU). This keeps her reactions down significantly. Under Federal law (no excuses except death), Rabies is a must every three years. The good news is that you can order Titer tests for the other vaccinations (DHPPCL). This test measures the vaccine in the system and it can bypass the requirement to vaccinate every year. As dogs age, their immune systems cannot handle the overload of vaccines (especially 4 at once).

Do not do the dental for a couple of months now that she is recovering from vaccine reactions. Look for a holostic dentist that does not put them under. The teeth are not as clean but she will be better off. Besides, pugs have terrible teeth anyway.

I hope this helps you and other readers.

Posted by: Mary | Oct 8, 2007 11:45:03 AM

i agree with the others here, find another vet. they do not need yearly vaccines, i had titres drawn on all 4 of mine and they were so immune they probably won't ever needs shots again. i would call another vet if she still is not feeling well, she can dehydrate fairly quickly and that would be a real problem. i have a holistic vet whom i love and my pugs have never been happier or healthier; their weight is good, in fact, she told me that weren't allowed to lose any more weight, can you believe it. hope shelby gets well soon and please keep us posted. xxoo - nadine and pugs

Posted by: nadine | Oct 8, 2007 1:40:46 PM

it sounds like she does have pink eye, that needs to be treated quickly. also, a holistic vet will be able to clean her teeth without anesthesia, because much of that plaque can be scraped off without having to put them under, been there, done that....blessings to all of you.

Posted by: nadine | Oct 8, 2007 1:42:44 PM

My little man Otis is at the vets right now having to spend the night due to reaction to vaccines. I trusted the Vet to know what he could and could not have and now he is so swollen in the face and I am so worried. I had no idea this was a possiblity that could happen. I would never have put Otis through this!

Posted by: Charlie | May 13, 2008 7:19:02 PM

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