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Shelby goes Racing for New Years!

Just as I was thinking that Shelby has seen and done everything under the sun, we find a new adventure for her. Steven and I went racing just before New Years, and because the racetrack and the motel were dog friendly, we brought Shelby along. This is her first overnight trip with us, and her first racing event.

The ride up to the racetrack was freezing! Our truck's heater was broken, so Shelby and I bundled up under a fleecy blanket for most of the trip. When we arrived, Steven went to check into our motel room. Shelby kept watch for him to return.

Where is daddy?

We were hungry, so we went to the Black Bear Diner across the street. No doggies allowed, so we waited outside for our takeout. Luckily, there was a nice photo op at the restaurant.

Kodiak Moment

Shelby did really well in the hotel room. We had brought her litter box, and she was a reliable champ in using it, so there were no messes in the room. The following morning, we headed off to the track where we met the rest of our team. Shelby watched as Steven made some last minute adjustments to pass tech spec.

Watching Steven workSteven wires the brake lights

For most of day 1, the weather was freezing. The track was damp and muddy. We had to be careful of spinouts.

The team (including Shelby) walked the track to inspect it.

Walking the track

Although she really wanted to be part of the action, I didn't want her to freeze ther cute little tail off. I setup the back of the truck as her "racing penthouse" complete with crate, towels, and litterbox.

Shelby's Race Penthouse

Every once in a while, I would bring her to a friend's RV, and we'd warm up a bit. It was there she met Harrisson. Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of them together.

Day 1 ended with some really scary night driving. We turned in our ballots for the People's Choice and People's Curse awards. We had been spared any mechanical failures the first day. We headed back to the motel to warm up.

Day 2 was cold but dry, and so I tied Shelby to a table so she could feel more part of the action. She liked this a lot better than sitting in the back of the truck.

At Thunderhill

She was pretty fascinated by Team 99, Ecurie Ecrappe in the pit next to us. She'd watch them work on their car.
At Thunderhill

And who won People's Curse? Well karma had spoken, and the car the smacked into Steven while he was out on the track, (and earned us an undeserved 30 minute penalty) had raised enough ire to earn the prize. This is what happens to your car if you're vote People's Curse. We took Shelby to inspect the remains.


We finished 23 out of a field of about 65 cars, which is the best we've ever done. The car did great, the drivers had fun, and we won a trophy for the car-b-que contest. What's a car-b-que contest you ask? The only rule is that the heat to cook the food had to come from the car. We strapped a rack of pork ribs wrapped in aluminum foil to the engine while we were racing. They came out 95% burnt, however our only competition in the meat category was the "meatloaf tartare" which the judges refused to eat due to food poisoning concerns. So we won the "Mystery Meat" Trophy.

As for Shelby, she did great on the ride home, once again snuggling in my lap. She was exhausted when she got home, and slept...a lot. I'm pretty sure she hated day 1, but day 2 she seemed to be having fun meeting people, and watching cars. If the weather's warmer, we just might bring her to another race event.

Quite a fine adventure to end the year.

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Shelby is a lovely pug! I'm glad I found this blog.

Posted by: Jenny | Jan 1, 2008 11:48:03 AM

Thank you for bringing cheer into the New Year. Shelby's chronicles are the best! Her black rain coat is very becoming and warm, no doubt. Thank you for posting Shelby's life with you-We look forward to it every day!

Posted by: Mary and Mia | Jan 1, 2008 12:16:21 PM

Shelby has the most wonderful adventures!!!
So nice to see a dog with her best friends having so much fun...Happy New Year and more adventures to come!!!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jan 1, 2008 2:18:38 PM

I just LOVE reading of Shelby's adventures... Hope she has a really Happy New Year!!

Posted by: Lauren | Jan 1, 2008 5:10:45 PM

Thanks again for writing about your life with your little Shelby, I try to read this every time you put something out. Shelby is such a lucky little girl to have such fun parents and to live where little people "doggies" are allowed to go (most places)! Hope you ALL have a wonderful new year!

Posted by: Briana Mitchell | Jan 1, 2008 7:01:15 PM

winnie you and shelby have inspired me to start a blog about my life with my pug Lou and also a little about just my life here's the address if you want to cheak it out it's my first blog and well here you go http://donna-lifesgreatadventures.blogspot.com/

Posted by: Donna | Jan 2, 2008 11:52:32 PM

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