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Reach out and touch somepug

Can I touch your paw?

Vin is learning how to pet Shelby gently. He's still a little grabby, but he's getting a little better at it. Shelby does her part by being tolerant, and letting him pet her when he's near.

October 27, 2008 | Permalink


Good girl, Shelby, being so patient with Vin. You deserve a treat.

Posted by: Sandy | Oct 28, 2008 7:45:13 AM

AAWW....Good girl Shelby...and good boy Vin for being ssooo gentle....

Posted by: AnnCrago | Oct 28, 2008 7:56:35 AM

Awww...you know how to melt my heart!

Posted by: Nevis | Oct 28, 2008 8:10:18 AM

awww! what a cute picture! good girl shelby be patient with your little brother! so cute! :)

Posted by: dana | Oct 28, 2008 9:06:19 AM

Shelby still enjoys sitting on her human's lap--Ok Shelby, just small little licks and sniffs for your brother Vin--big rewards for Shelby later! Mom--how's my big sister
behavior doing? I'd like a Halloween Treat
right now!

Posted by: Jade | Oct 28, 2008 10:44:43 AM

What a sweet picture! One of many discoveries yet to come! I envy you! I remember when my babies were little, and everything was new to them, it was so exciting. Remember to take time to appriciate the little discoveries! They are the greatest ones!

Posted by: Lisa | Oct 28, 2008 5:08:41 PM

We love Shelby!! We first discovered her on youtube (Pug interrogation) :D lol xx

Posted by: Freija and Maz | Nov 9, 2008 8:49:09 AM

Pebbles is tolerant of little ones just learning the ways of a dog. We have a very enthusiastic 2 year old in our lives and yesterday was the first time she tried to get up higher than him. I have to say, that I feel very lucky to have such a tolerant dog and I am glad to see that Shelby is similar!

Posted by: michie | Nov 10, 2008 9:32:46 PM

We have 2 fat girl puggies, and they are just darling little humans. Your son will learn soooo much from yours!

Posted by: Moozie | Nov 12, 2008 1:40:33 PM

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