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The Beach

First Beach Visit
Shelby's an ol' pro at visiting the beach, but this is Vin's first visit. As far as he's concerned, the sound of the ocean is what comes out of his White-Noise-Sheep in his crib. But he was fascinated by the ocean and the sand.

First Beach Visit
The visit started with Vin and Shelby digging up a storm. So much so that a certain enthusiastic boy sent a mound of sand flying into the air with his mighty shovel. A mound of sand that happened to land in mama's mouth. Yuck!

First Beach Visit

Thankfully I had brought some water to rinse out my mouth. Afterwards, I built little sand castle, and Vin and Shelby stormed through them like Godzilla and pug.

June 14, 2009 | Permalink


AWWW....Sounds like a wonderful family day !!!! With the nice weather finally here (you probably have "beach" kinda weather most of the year)... in Canada we have a lot less really "beach" weather we too can have Fun in the Sun...the pics are lovely...Have a great week guys...Cheers...

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jun 15, 2009 6:38:07 AM

Some of the best memories of all are childhood beach memories. You guys are off to a great start.

Posted by: Bo | Jun 16, 2009 2:01:44 PM

AWW! Another day in the life of a pug and her boy! Hope Mom and Dad had fun too!!

Posted by: Lisa | Jun 18, 2009 10:31:26 AM

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