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Happy Independence Day from Shelby "Not Guilty" pug

Shelby celebrates Independence Day as a free pug! Thanks to all voicehd for Shelby's character. Any defense that incorporates references to Johnny Cochrane AND The Fugitive is pretty creative. I think the only thing missing would be a haiku...or perhaps a limmerick.

Since fireworks don't bother Shelby much, especially if we are around, you'll be please to know that not only did Shelby not get hanged, but enjoyed her freedom by exploring the back yard.

Sniffing around

While we were hanging out in the back yard watching fireworks around the bay, Shelby was off in the dirt. I think she found something that smells interesting...

Sniffing around

...and by "interesting" I mean "disgusting."

July 4, 2009 | Permalink


...The more disgusting...the more interesting !!!.....Happy Holidays All...Have a great summer....and Shelby , great to see you are free of all crimes !!!

Posted by: Ann Crago | Jul 5, 2009 8:08:05 AM

Aww the smell of freedom or the freedom to smell ..both are sweet. It looks like Shelby is hot on the trail of her next adventure.

Posted by: julir | Jul 5, 2009 9:20:36 PM

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