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Vacation Recap: Train time

On our last full day in Santa Cruz, we headed for nearby Felton to the Roaring Camp Railroad to ride their narrow gauge steam engine. Good news! Roaring camp is dog friendly! Neither Vin, Shelby, or I had ever been, and were so pleasantly surprised by the nice picnic areas and beautiful train. Here's a picture of the Dixiana at the start of our ride through the forest.

It was a lovely relaxing ride, with pug and boy on their best behavior.

The Dixiana

Midway through the train ride, we stop at a picnic area to take pictures. Here's Shelby sitting in front of a cross section of a 1000 year old redwood. Shelby takes pictures like a pro.

1000 year old redwood

Her brother?....not so much.

1000 year old redwood

(Don't worry, he had a great time on the train.)

On the way back, Shelby got a little sleepy.


Next time, we might take a picnic lunch and try the beach train that goes down to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

If you go, make sure you look up the right timetable. On weekdays, there's limited train rides.

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Awww... the vacation's over. Glad everyone had fun. Vin has gotten so big!!

Posted by: Anne | Sep 2, 2009 8:49:54 AM

...And a fun time was had by all !!!!
Looks like you had a wonderful time with lots of memories....Thanks for sharing....

Posted by: Ann Crago | Sep 2, 2009 11:42:58 AM

Once the twos are past Vin will most likely try to outpose his big sister.
It's nice to find a dog friendly attraction.

Posted by: Bo | Sep 4, 2009 8:08:24 PM

Oh the crying baby photos! I love the crying baby photos. When my boys were little there was always one kid crying in the picture, or picking his nose, or holding his crotch or . . . . . I cherish those photos.

Posted by: Priscilla | Sep 7, 2009 7:27:12 AM

Your pug is soo cute. I love them because i have one. Her name is LucyBeth. But we call her Lucy. She is fawn colored and we just love her!

Posted by: Anna | Sep 8, 2009 4:01:16 PM

Winniiiieeeee, where are you! We've missed your puglet/baby updates. Hope you guys are well!

-Emma in Louisiana

Posted by: Emma | Sep 10, 2009 11:49:50 AM

Just wanted to drop a note from Australia to say this blog is my all-time favourite! I laughed so much at this post in particular (also about the picture awhile back of Shelby with laser eyes. Oh and when she got into the garden at that cafe and you took a picture of her looking up out of the bushes! And her waiting for food to drop from the sky as she stood underneath the high-chair). I now have a ten month old pug Mooshi and was encouraged to get her because of this blog! I love that Shelby is such a part of the family. Pugs are such little people! Please keep writing, so that I can keep reading!

Posted by: Ingrid | Sep 20, 2009 9:55:35 PM

I also have a dog just like the one on the photo. It has been with me for almost 2 years now.

Posted by: Emergency Plumbing Liverpool | Dec 6, 2009 11:40:36 PM

Love looking at the dog on the picture, it reminds me of the the time my pet dog was alive.

Posted by: Kindle | Dec 17, 2009 1:32:07 AM

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