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Shelby was born December 4th, 2003 in Redding, CA. She is the daughter of Daisy(fawn) and Beanie(black). She has her mother's good looks and sweetness, and her father's bark and howl.

Shelby has no manners to speak of. She'll think nothing of sneezing on you. Barking while you are on the phone, and marking up your home with paw prints and coating it with fur.

Shelby has also shown no marketable talent for us to recoop the sums of money we spend spoiling her. We suspect that she will never get a job, and move out of the house. Which is just as well, since we love having her around, and provided she stays drug-free, she's welcome in our home.

There are three things about Shelby that are show quality. Her face, her tail, and her wonderful temperment.

Shelby is a Saggitarius, born the year of the Ram.


napping, paper, flowers, bubbles, bacon, grass, twigs, licking, going for a walk, butterflies, flirting, ice cubes, shelby likes to eat cheese, greenies, cherry tomatoes

shelby's favorite activites are: playing puppy dodge ball, sniffing butts, licking herself, playing fetch, going on car rides, chasing butterflies, stealing socks, and while shedding is not a conscious activity, as well as insights from a first-time pug owner. shelby can also be found on the web at, and, it is the one she does the most.

go pug yourself documents the adventures of shelby