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The drive home


I was worried about Shelby wetting the car. She didn't pee then entire trip (4 hours) when at her age she really should have only been able to hold it for 2 hours, but since there was a lot of change, she didn't.

I made a mistake, and tried to get her to pee at the dog area at a rest stop. I later read that puppies should avoid these ares until they have all their shots. It is an area with potential diseases.

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What a great site! I think we may have adopted our pugs from the same breeder - I also drove 4+ hours from the SF Bay Area to get my Rocco (black/boy) and he is a great, happy now nearly two-year-old pug. Unfortunately, I've lost the breeder's information -- but it sounds like we went to the same place -- his dad is Rocky. Would you have the breeder's contact information as I'd like to get a second pug as a friend for Rocco.
Many thanks.

-Diane Kegley

Posted by: diane kegley | May 28, 2004 2:35:40 PM

I am trying to find a good pug breeder for my first puppy. I live in Humboldt County and am interested in this Redding breeder. Can you offer any contact info? Anything would help!
Thanks in advance,
Sherri Dobay

Posted by: sherri dobay | May 31, 2004 9:01:19 AM

Hi there, I have a five month old pug puppy named Lucy. I live in Santa Cruz county currently but am moving up to Arcata/Eureka in May. I would love to join a pug play group. We have a fun pug group here with a lot of adorable pugs. Is there a pug group up there now? I would love to get connected with other pug owners in the area.
Thanks, Jessica Elwell

Posted by: Jessica Elwell | Feb 11, 2006 9:15:15 AM

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