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Protecting Shelby's Eyes


Here we have Shelby in her Doggles. Since she's always leading with her eyeballs, we felt it was important to protect her. This way, she can stick her head out the car window, ride in the motorcycle, and tear around the beach without stuff getting in her eyes. If you check out Pug Rescue sites, a lot of pugs have eye trouble. Sometimes due to genetics, other times they have a minor scratch on their eye, but exacerabate it by scratching at it. As a result some pugs have had to have their eye removed. I figure Doggles are a small investment to try and prevent Shelby from scratching at her eye if it bothers her. Doggles are frequently shown on dogs with a snout. Shelby can push the doggles down, right off her face. For flat faced dogs, I think a strap on top of her head might need to be added. Also, we are still trying to find the right tension on the straps so that she can breathe properly.


And oh yes, she hates them. But we are hoping that some bacon treats will fix that over time.

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What an absolutely adorable picture, and a great blog, too. I'm going to have to keep checking in.

Posted by: James | Mar 31, 2004 3:08:16 PM

woohoo! pugalicious! i'm getting parker some goggles..... check her out!

Posted by: matty | Apr 5, 2004 4:27:44 PM

That did it... those Doggles are so cute that I subscribed to your XML feed.

Posted by: Citizen Keith | Apr 6, 2004 6:58:02 AM

Are there any pictures of Shelby on the motorcycle? I've been trying to convince my wife to let me take our dog, Chuckly, around on my bike!

Posted by: Sunil | Apr 6, 2004 8:13:26 AM

Your dog is amazingly adorable, and those goggles are a wonderful idea. :)

Posted by: Melissa | Apr 6, 2004 8:40:16 AM

These don't look comfortable for the dog. I have had a pug for 7 years and his eyes are still intact.

Posted by: liz | Apr 6, 2004 9:22:54 AM

Well Shelby hasn't quite gotten used to them yet. She is able to push them down off her face. I think I may need to modify the Doggles so that she can't do that.

I also notice that she's a bit wall-eyed, and I'm not sure how much peripheral vision the Doggles cut off.

Anyway, it's worth a try, since she likes to play in sand, but consistently gets sand in her eyes.

Posted by: Winnie Wong | Apr 7, 2004 10:59:11 AM

Has Shelby gotten used to her Doggles, yet? We just bought our pug, Zander, Doggles and, yes, he hates them. He will wear them if he is being totally distracted by food, but them pushes them right off... *sigh* Any hints?

Posted by: Heather | Jul 10, 2004 7:51:41 PM

Not yet. I'll have more about this is a future post. I need to borrow a video camera to demostrate the problem with Shelby and her Doggles.

Posted by: Winnie Wong | Jul 13, 2004 11:37:26 PM

My boyfriend and I are in love with pugs and would love to get one, but what concerns us are their health problems I found out that they are quite prone to ear/skin infections and eye problems. Have you run into any promlems yet with Shelby? and is it a lot of effort to protect her eyes?
We also work 8 hr days and we plan on coming home during lunch to check up on the pup, how does Shelby handle when your at work?

Posted by: Daniella | Aug 11, 2004 5:15:38 PM

We were concerned too. Shelby's only 8 months now, so there hasn't been a lot of opportunity for things to go wrong. I find that vigilence is the best way to prevent skin and eye problems. At the first sign of eye sratching, cone the dog, and bring them to the vet. As for skin problems, a weekly bath, with thorough drying is keeping Shelby pretty healthy. No skin or eye problems so far.

As for the genetic diseases, I would ask the breeder about the health of the pup's parents and granparents, and ask to see them.

The only thing I can't seem to get around is this constant shedding. :P

Posted by: Winnie | Aug 12, 2004 10:24:28 AM

We have a pug Gracie who is 9. She has hurt her eye three times now. This last time she almost lost the eye. We will be geting hersome sort of goggle protection. Are the lenses clear on Shelby's Doggles?

Posted by: Floyd O'Neil | Jan 1, 2005 2:52:35 PM

We ordered both clear and tinted. The lenses can be swapped in the new model. The clear lenses are show in the photo. but my recommendation would be to try them on in the store to make sure they fit.

Posted by: Winnie | Jan 1, 2005 3:18:24 PM

I forgot to ask, what size did you buy?

Posted by: Floyd O'Neil | Jan 1, 2005 3:42:20 PM

I think Shelby was a small, but if you measure her head, then it should be pretty easy to figure out what size to buy.

Posted by: Winnie | Jan 1, 2005 5:31:10 PM

Great info on the goggles!!! Just took our Sasha for a putt on my Goldwing...which she loved. Doggles are ordered. Let us know of any modifications to the Doggles that work to help keep on the pug face. THANKS

Posted by: Howard | Apr 30, 2005 9:00:23 PM

WOW! that is so awesome. My girlfriend's black pug, Ernie (aka "the dark lord" or "Ernesto Che Guevara" or sometimes "that little communist revolutionary") has eyeballs that just bulge right out of his head and he keeps running into things with 'em.
we have taken him on motorcycles and scooters and bicycles (usually he sits behind me and in front of her in a little doggy bag so he's out of the wind) but i think he'd love (or hate but need) these. too bad there isn't a set with the jolly roger on the side.

Posted by: Nick from Brooklyn | Nov 11, 2005 8:40:02 AM

yeh. thinkin of getting my dog some doggles. i have a black pig. anad i worry bout her giant protruding eyes. but dont they squish against the lense?

Posted by: Dominic | Aug 9, 2006 1:04:20 PM

yeh. thinkin of getting my dog some doggles. i have a black pig. anad i worry bout her giant protruding eyes. but dont they squish against the lense?

Posted by: Dominic | Aug 9, 2006 1:04:30 PM

They didn't squish against her eyes, but they do push in the fold of her nose so it makes it hard for her to breath. She never wears them. She keeps knocking them off her face.

Posted by: Winnie | Aug 9, 2006 7:22:03 PM

I love shelby

Posted by: Megan | Feb 24, 2007 9:02:12 PM

that's just so cute they make her eyes look even bigger and more expressive which in turn has the side effect of making her cuter.

Posted by: Donna | Aug 29, 2007 10:04:39 AM

I MUST HAVE THESE! One of my Pugs has scratched her eye 3 times now, The first time was so severe the vet wasn't sure she would be able to keep her eye, the second time was pretty minor and just a few days ago she did it again! She likes to play rough with my other pug and sometimes it gets her in trouble. I am going on the hunt for these things!

Posted by: Kris | Jun 10, 2008 8:41:01 AM

What size doggles did you get your pug?

Posted by: joe | Jul 13, 2008 6:10:06 AM

It's been so long I don't remember now. I thought they were size small.

But if you can find them at a local shop, that would be best. Shelby hated hers. They smashed her fold into her sinuses and made it hard for her to breathe. If we loosened them, she would paw them right off her face.

Posted by: Winnie | Jul 13, 2008 10:51:22 AM

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