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The first flea


I found a flea crawling around on Shelby. She promptly got the bath of her life. I basically bathed her until I saw a drowned flea, and I laundered her bedding in hot water. I figure she should wear the puppy flea color for a bit while to kill any flea eggs.

We've considered Advantage and perhaps Flea and Tick drops. If anyone has any feedback on the effectiveness vs. toxicity of each of these flea control methods, please speak up. I want her flea-free, but I don't want her sick because of it.

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You must get Sentinel. It's for fleas and heartworms. We used to be infested with fleas (fleas are everywhere in Texas) and nothing worked until we tried these. I have not seen a single flea in several years. Both our dogs take them and we've seen no adverse effects.

Posted by: Emily | Apr 13, 2004 1:04:01 PM

I've never tried a flea collar, but I've heard that they don't really work. I've only ever seen one tick on one of my pugs, and that was enough to gross me out forever. Since they were puppies we've used either Revolution (which is for both fleas and heartworm) or a combination of Hearguard (for heartworm) and Frontline (for fleas and ticks). We've never had problems with any of the above, although i always make sure to wait at least a day in between giving the Frontline and the Heartguard - just on case. These aren't the least expensive methods, but they're the safest and most effective. Whatever you do - DO NOT buy any of the topical flea treatments available at pet stores, etc. Some of those have been known to kill animals.

Posted by: pixel | Apr 15, 2004 10:30:57 AM

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Posted by: Jean Morgan | Apr 9, 2007 2:53:55 PM

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