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Safety first


Shelby's life jacket came in the mail today. It's fits her nicely. Steven and thought it would be best for her to wear one when she's playing near swimming pools. We're not sure if she can swim. She looks happy in the picture, but I'm not sure she knows what to make of it. The jacket fits well and seems well constructed. I'll have to find a place for her to test out the jacket.

(Lifting her out of the water will be easy too.)

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Some of you may recall that Shelby had started skipping breakfast. This coincided with some other events that I thought were the cause of her change in appetite. My roommate went on vacation. Also the weather was pretty hot. But when my roommate came back, and the weather cooled down, Shelby was still not eating breakfast.

As it turns out, Shelby's sick of Iams. She'll eat it when she's starving. I would set out her breakfast at 8:00, and she would eat it at 10:00. Then as time went on, she would eat it later and later. Sometimes she wouldn't eat until 3:00 in the afternoon! I was talking to her breeder, and she mentioned that some dogs dont' like Iams. So I switched to a different type of dog food, and now Shelby cleans her bowl.

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When pugs attack!


Shelby goes postal!

Actually just chewing her calf hoof. It's gross, and it makes her breath stink, but how can I deny it when she loves it so much? Here's a more flattering picture of her chewing.


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New bed


Shelby has more than tripled in size since she first came home with us, but she's been sleeping in her same puppy bed up until this week. The Snuggleball I ordered for her finally came in the mail. I bought one that matches Shelby's fur. It's not a bean bag. It's stuffed with much lighter material, and I ordered the deluxe version which comes with a removeable cover, so I can throw it in the wash. So far, she seems to like it.

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The discriminating pug


A good reason not to let pugs lick your face.

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Dory vs. Shelby


Click the picture to see a little video I took of Shelby while she was still unsure what to make of Dory, the stuffed fish from Finding Nemo. Makes me laugh everytime I think about it. She had the same reaction to the hair dryer, and miniature plastic godzilla. After a while she get's used to them, and I'll turn around and find Shelby chewing on the once fearsome object. So these moments when she finds things new and unusual, are very funny to me.

You'll need Quicktime Player to view the movie. It's free, and you can download it from Apple.

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My dog is the cutest dog in the world

In the same way that your baby is the cutest baby in the world. I guess the same applies to puppies. And so of course, I think Shelby is the cutest dog it the world. And that's a good thing for her, when she gets herself in trouble, I don't stay mad for very long on account of her sweet face. Here's a picture of her being naughty, trying to steal a stuffed monkey off my desk.


So I figured that if Shelby is cute, why not put her puppy good looks to use. And so I say, "Shelby! Let's go win some free stuff!"

So I entered her photo at Pampered Puppy's monthly photo contest in May. She lost to this Chihuaua. Oh well. Maybe she's not the cutest pup in the world.

So I'm trying again this month. Why? Because I saw a plastic dog bowl on the site that I like, but the shipping costs as much as the bowl! Why does it cost $6 to mail a plastic bowl? So I've entered Shelby in the contest because the prize is a gift certificate (enough for the bowl!) Other pups on the page have half a months head start, so Shelby's photo will have to be awfully cute to win, and competition is very darling. Check it out. Even if you don't vote for Shelby, I'll still be your friend :)

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Pug day at the park


Saturday was the weekly pug get-together at the park. Steven and I have never been to any dog events, so we decided to check it out. There was a wide variety of pugs. They varied from puppies to seniors. Some were show quality, some were rescue pugs. All the pugs had a really good time, including Shelby. When she was younger and smaller, she was tentative around other dogs, and would hide between people's legs when other dogs approached. In the past couple months, Shelby has grown to like playing with other dogs, and sometimes whines when I don't let her. So it was nice to finally let her play with other pugs. Shelby is the dog in the foreground with the red harness in the photo above.


There were two puppies there that were younger than Shelby, one of which looked a lot like Shelby when we first brought her home. (That's the same worried expression that Shelby had on her first dog park visit.)

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The opposite sex


Shelby's been looking a bit bored these days...


So I dog sat Shelby's puppy friend for an afternoon. She loves playing with this puppy. It was non-stop action. These were the best photos I could get. They were running around constantly.

I also had Animal Planet on TV and the Boxer episode of That's My Baby aired. I got a glimpse of doggie pregnancy, and litters, and things that can go right, and things that can go wrong. Meanwhile, in my living room, I keep a close eye on these two puppies, as Shelby's friend is a boy, and getting to an age where he's noticing girls.

And between watching the TV show, and an excited boy puppy, I am now emotionally bought into spaying Shelby. :) It would be terrible to have an accidental pregnancy, especially from a bigger dog. That could really hurt Shelby. The mommy nipples weren't that attractive either, and there just no way for me to keep her indoors or watch her close enough to guarentee that no accidents happen.

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Favorite toys


This is lamiedoodle, Shelby's all time favorite toy. It has all of Shelby's favorite elements. Arms that fly around, and a shearling texture. And a face like Joe Camel.

If I ask her to get a toy, she always brings this one. When Shelby loses a tooth while chewing lamie, there's always a bit of blood, and lamie looks like it was mauled. The white doesn't hide dirt too well, and its squeaker is not removable but Shelby loves it. I was thinking that we should buy a back-up lamie, for when Shelby finally destroys her favorite toy.

I have also been sewing little fleece pillows for Shelby. I stuff them with different things so that each contains a different experience for her. She likes the texture of fleece a lot. And I put stuffing, squakers, bells, and whatever else I think will be interesting (and safe) for her.

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