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The opposite sex


Shelby's been looking a bit bored these days...


So I dog sat Shelby's puppy friend for an afternoon. She loves playing with this puppy. It was non-stop action. These were the best photos I could get. They were running around constantly.

I also had Animal Planet on TV and the Boxer episode of That's My Baby aired. I got a glimpse of doggie pregnancy, and litters, and things that can go right, and things that can go wrong. Meanwhile, in my living room, I keep a close eye on these two puppies, as Shelby's friend is a boy, and getting to an age where he's noticing girls.

And between watching the TV show, and an excited boy puppy, I am now emotionally bought into spaying Shelby. :) It would be terrible to have an accidental pregnancy, especially from a bigger dog. That could really hurt Shelby. The mommy nipples weren't that attractive either, and there just no way for me to keep her indoors or watch her close enough to guarentee that no accidents happen.

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BOTH dogs really ought to be fixed. It's irresponsible for owners who don't specifically intend to breed to leave their pets' reproductive abilities intact.

Posted by: James | Jun 9, 2004 9:11:37 AM

And both dogs are going to be. I was chatting with the other puppy's owners, and this other puppy is going in for his operation shortly. Like Shelby, this is also their first puppy, and we are both doing the best we can, to do right by our dogs.

In all fairness, I was warned that the puppy was not fixed, I just didn't realize that male puppies can produce at such a young age. I also didn't think that he would react to Shelby since she wasn't in heat. Not so! I figured that since Shelby doesn't go into heat till about 8-10 months, it didn't occur to me that boys mature earlier. The male puppy was excited, but he really didn't know what to do. He got quite affectionate with Shelby's bed, and toys only.

Why is there so little information on the Web about this subject? Where are the books on this subject? (Although lack of real-puppy experiences online was part of the reason I started this weblog. :P ) Luckily Shelby's vet answered my questions.

Posted by: Winnie Wong | Jun 9, 2004 10:54:09 AM

Great blog! I've been a quiet follower of the Shelby the pug puppy for sometime now. I simply love the little delinquent!
You are doing a resplendent job on both the blog and the dog! Then I started noticing the negative comments from one of your readers. For some people it is easy to go through life impugning. To have an opinion on just about everything and to think in terms of absolutes. For an aspiring demagogue, it is difficult to be affirming and supportive of anothers perspective. The blogosphere is overflowing with this type of antagonistic babble. I challenge your readers to add comments and experiences to this blog with the same verve and loving spirit you have expressed through Bringing Up Shelby.

Posted by: Blog Debunker | Jun 11, 2004 9:38:11 AM

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