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Goodbye cone!

Here she is on her way home from the SPCA. Shelby had the stitches from her paw removed today. She is cone-free and loving it. Steven and I are glad to see her back to her happy self. Shelby celebrated by doing a Gene Simmons impression.

It was hard to watch Shelby recooperating from surgery, knowing that it was my decision to spay her. But now that she is feeling like her good ol' self again, I'm feeling good about my decision too.

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Patriot pug


The Democratic National Convention is upon us, and Steven and I are feeling politically inspired. Even Shelby got a little taste of America... by chewing this flag. Mmmmm. Democracy tastes good.

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Litterbox 2.0


Shelby's been a bit lazy with the litterbox recently. I've found puddles of sunshine around the box because Shelby didn't feel like bringing her hind leg fully in. So we added cardboard walls to the sides of the box, and that seemed to do the trick.

The problem is that litterbox 2.0 is not compatible with the cone. Shelby can't turn around in the litterbox while wearing it, and therefore, backs out of the box. When she does this, she makes a big mess, and drags that mess along the bathroom floor. Therefore...
1. Thank goodness linoleum cleans up easily
2. Thank goodness Shelby's cone comes off soon

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It's a hot day, and we couldn't resist. Shelby had her first popsicle today. After all, the poor pug has not had a nice walk in over a week due to surgery.

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Bandages? We don't need no stinkin' bandages!


Yesterday we decided that we were sick of dealing with Shelby's cone. So we took it off, and put a fresh bandage on her paw to keep her from chewing the stitches. Shelby's immediate reponse was to lick and chew the bandage. We tell her to stop it, and like a good pug, she does. She seems to forget about the bandage for a while. She chews her peanut butter stick, and we go about our business. And then, when we are not looking, she slowly moves from the stick to her bandages. Naughty pug.

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This cone is driving us nuts


Shelby is now wearing her cone all the time for two reasons.
1. It was time to take off the bandage on her paw, and we didn't want her to lick the stitches.
2. To keep her from too much activity, which is bad for her spay recovery

Shelby has always been a clingy dog. And she's not what I would call... "graceful." She handles llike a truck. Therefore, now that she has this cone on her head, she's constantly running it into our legs, and it's really irritating. I put a little fabric on the edge of the cone so she wouldn't scratch us up while she's following us. I guess she'll just look like the life of the party for the next 4 days. Walking around like a drunk with a lampshade on her head. Argh.

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Cone head


This cone keeps Shelby from biting off her bandages. We haven't needed it because Shelby's been good. She mostly leaves her bandages alone, and she can't reach her spay incision. Shelby is not supposed to have any heavy activity for 7-14 days so that she can heal. Our biggest problem is keeping her calm. She's feeling so much better, that she wants to run around, jump, and play.

Don't these things come any smaller than this?

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Feeling a little better


Everyone had a terrible night's sleep. Steven and I woke up every few hours to Shelby's phlegmy noises. She sounded terrible. When we fell alseep, we both had dreams of taking care of Shelby.

This morning, Shelby is feeling better. She had some water. Went to her litterbox. And took her painkillers like a Hollywod star. I wrapped the pills in balls of cheese for her.

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Not a girl. Not quite a woman.

To spay or not to spay. The head tells me it's the right thing to do. The heart feels like she was born perfect, and why would I mess with that. But the heart doesn't think of population issues, unwanted litters, and the responsibility of being a breeder. So the head wins, and Shelby was spayed today.

I felt so terrible about it, I made Steven drive me to the fancy pet store, where I bought Shelby a new Lamiedoodle. All the way there, I was wishing there was a less drastic and reversible option for pets.

Here is Shelby, neglecting her last meal before surgery.

See the photos from Shelby's surgery. Don't worry. None of them are gruesome. Ok, well maybe one of them is.

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Love the music. Fear the instrument.


We spent a lot of time socializing Shelby, taking time to expose her to as many things as possible, so that she wouldn't be afraid of them when she grew up. It never really occurred to us to show her any musical instruments. Steven was cleaning the other day and found his guitar. He played a few cords, and Shelby ran off, barking. It took some convincing to get her to pose for this photo.

Shelby is normally a very brave dog. Steven said it may be his playing, not the guitar. I'll let you be the judge. Download Steven's serenade to Shelby. You'll need Quicktime from Apple. It's free.

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