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Litterbox 2.0


Shelby's been a bit lazy with the litterbox recently. I've found puddles of sunshine around the box because Shelby didn't feel like bringing her hind leg fully in. So we added cardboard walls to the sides of the box, and that seemed to do the trick.

The problem is that litterbox 2.0 is not compatible with the cone. Shelby can't turn around in the litterbox while wearing it, and therefore, backs out of the box. When she does this, she makes a big mess, and drags that mess along the bathroom floor. Therefore...
1. Thank goodness linoleum cleans up easily
2. Thank goodness Shelby's cone comes off soon

July 27, 2004 | Permalink


I've always thought that one of the great things about a dog is that it DOESN'T crap in a box of gravel in the house. I guess that idea's out the window now.

Posted by: James | Jul 30, 2004 10:15:44 AM

The great thing about dogs is their genuine eagnerness and earnestness. The litterbox is just good for those of us without a backyard.

Posted by: W | Jul 30, 2004 10:31:20 AM

Just did my weekly viewing of your delightful blog and saw Shelby looking sooo dapper in Steven's bow tie! She looked a little uneasy, but estute! (Bow ties seem to raise one's I.Q.) Sorry to see Mr. Squirrel may have had a run-in with a deadly mosquitoe. I guess it might be a good idea to spray Shelby if she goes for a night walk. Is there a safe spray for animals?

Posted by: Lida | Aug 8, 2004 3:19:36 PM

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