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Shelby goes swimming


We decided to test out Shelby's life jacket this morning. It's a bit hard for her to turn or sit while wearing the jacket. I think it would've been better if it were about an inch shorter, but we figured that she would grow into it.

Steven held her above the water until she started to paddle, and then lowered her in. I stayed in the hot tub to keep her company. She swam around in circles since she was too small to crawl out. I can't tell if she likes to swim, but she didn't seem panicked.

We decided to give her a break. Steven pulled her out of the tub and took the jacket off. She stared at the water for a bit, and then jumped back in to get to me. And she sank like a rock.

The short story is that this life jacket works pretty well. While not all dogs need it, it appears that Shelby does. She sinks. She's too small to drag herself out of the pool, but she's brave enough to jump to get to her people.

BTW, we tested in a hot tub, and kept a close eye on her, but I certainly wouldn't recommend anyone doing this. She could overheat, and frankly, it leaves a lot of floating hair. Afterwards, we rinsed the chemicals off Shelby, especially in the ears and eyes.

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Glad to know the life jacket is working and that Shelby really does benefit from having it. I wonder if you could somehow get it shortened so she can swim better?

Posted by: Nicole | Jul 6, 2004 10:49:11 AM

Pugs are pretty beefy even though they are small. This makes sizing a bit of a problem sometimes. Shelby's girth of 19in meant that she could go with either an x-small (which is shorter) or a small. However, she was too heavy for an x-small, so I bought the small, thinking that she will grow a little. The small was 12in long, which seemed short enough for her, but she doesn't sit comfortably while wearing it. I'm not sure if I want to alter it myself, but I might :) We'll see.

Posted by: Winnie Wong | Jul 6, 2004 10:57:54 AM

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