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There's a new vacuum in town— Dyson Product Review


This is Steven's old vacuum. It's a bit worse for wear. It's missing a wheel. The suction is OK, but the brush attachment broke.

Enter Dyson.


1. Price.
It's hefty for a vacuum. I found this model for $430 at Costco, but it retails for more.

2. Looks.
It's the ugliest thing I own, and that includes my blue suede platform shoes. This thing looks like a made-up 80s teenager. Aqua Blue and purple?! And worse yet, the purple has glitter in it.

3. On board tools are difficult to use.
While this Dyson comes fully equipped, the tools were clumsy to handle. I had to attach the hose in a certain way to use the tools, and at times, I had Transformer flashbacks. Except it was less fun since the Dyson transforms from a vacuum to a vacuum. And when I'm done, I have to vacuum.

4. Cord.
What's up with no retractable cord?

5. Manuverability.
Maybe Roomba has made me soft, but I think the Dyson is a bit heavy and bulky to move around. I use to use a Dirt Devil swivel. Very easy to manuever by comparison. And the Dirt Devil had a lower profile, making it easier to get under things.

This thing sucks. No seriously. It really sucks. Check out how mush dust I pulled out of the carpet.


I can't believe we were living in that much dust! And this was just upstairs. There's a canister full of dust from downstairs sitting in the trash bin. Some of the rooms I vacuumed, had a been vacuumed just the previous day by either Roomba, or Steven's vacuum.

Also, we bought the model with the animal hair attachment. I was frustrated with most of the attachments I used, except for this one. It works great.

Overall, I'm impressed by Dyson's suction power. I must admit that the increased spending on vacuums recently was mostly due to Shelby's shedding. We've had her for 5 months. Long enough for everything to be covered in hair, but short enough for us to remember how nice things were when they weren't furry. The Dyson made me more aware of the general dust that needs to be dealt with.

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You rock. Shelby rocks. Dyson rocks. We just bought Dyson Animal to clean up after pugs Kibbe and Berkman, and boy does it clean up! Thanks for the really, really great hint about Dyson.

Posted by: Amy Grinstein | Oct 4, 2004 8:44:54 PM

Shelby is GREAT! I just found your website, and i'm LOVING it...

We also bought a Dyson to clean up after our puggy (Moe). When you get a pug, they should issue you a Dyson!

Posted by: Justin DeNeen | Dec 9, 2004 8:12:21 AM

You might want to test out the Eureka 431A bagless optima upright! Sounds fancier than it really is. Cost is between $50-60 and it's fantastic. It comes in fun glittery colors, but that's not very important as it sits in the closet most of its life. It has very powerful suction and is very easy to move. Relatively light weight. The attatchments are easy to use. I have a pomeranian puppy, so I understand the importance of a good vacuum! Just thought I'd share the tip. (Ps. My puppy picks out the wellness from her other (nutra) food. I am switching her over.)

Posted by: Lindsay | Oct 26, 2006 1:46:15 AM

im the REAL Justin DeNeen and i dont even own a dyson!!! its looks neat though

Posted by: Justin DeNeen | Jul 30, 2007 5:25:47 PM

When having a pet at home, it is important to have vacuum cleaner to clean our carpets. Pets' furs stick in between the carpet and often causes allergies to our kids. I have to say that you are indeed very clever to have a new and effective vacuum cleaner. Keeping the carpet clean is indeed very important to maintain the cleanliness of our homes.

Posted by: columbia carpet cleaning mo | Feb 7, 2011 3:59:00 AM

Great share! I thought you didn't like that much!

Posted by: Heather | Mar 16, 2012 12:44:22 PM

Amazing! Good to read about your testimony. Thanks for sharing your story!

Posted by: Gabb Smith | Mar 26, 2012 8:19:37 PM

I bought dayson and it is looking great. Thanks for the great post and for the great hint.

Posted by: Matt | Jul 3, 2012 2:24:32 AM

Good post-very well said! Thanks for sharing!

Posted by: Lee | Aug 2, 2012 3:37:39 AM

I have a DC33, which is a newer model but using the same cleanerhead. I love it. It's been running for a year but still runs like new. :)

Posted by: Ryan Sellman | Jul 21, 2013 3:31:53 PM

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