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Really relaxed


Shelby's had some late nights recently. This morning she was still pretty tired.

I wonder if she'll still sleep on her back when she's no longer a puppy.

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Nail trimming


I have yet to meet a dog that doesn't mind getting their nails trimmed. With Shelby, it's a 2 person job. Sometimes we try trimming Shelby's nails ourselves. Other times, I've taken her to PetSmart to get her nails trimmed. It costs 8 dollars, but the last few times, they had me hold her. It seems like I should get a discount for needing to be involved in this miserable process. I've tried to convince Steven to help, but he's washed his hands of it. He would rather pay the 8 dollars. I can't say I blame him.

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A big lapdog


Pugs are lapdogs, but they are big lapdogs. Shelby's pushing 18lbs now, and has to curl into a tight ball to be comfortable in my lap. She used to be so small! I guess I'll just have to grow a bigger butt.

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The beach


Yesterday, Shelby had her second beach day. Her top activities included digging, eating sand, sniffing other beach-going dogs, and playing with kids. Here she is with Steven and Jenna, disturbing a flock of seagulls.


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Shelby fetches the mail


Steven let Shelby bring me my mail today. Shelby held the letter in her mouth and ran towards me. However, before reaching me she promptly turned right and ran off with the letter. After chasing her around the bedroom, this is how it all ended.

I suppose we should have known better. Shelby really likes to destroy paper.

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Shelby loves people, and jumps to greet them. Unfortunately, when she jumps, she's intimidating to small children. It's largely my fault for never correcting her. We'll have to work on that behavior. Here's a little video of a typical greeting at the door from Shelby.

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Shelby doesn't have an uncontrollable desire to dig, but she certainly likes it. Ever since we started scolding her for digging the carpet, she digs in her Snuggleball and crate bedding instead.

I recently started putting her toys in a pillow case, just to tidy things up. As it turns out, this has become a great way for Shelby to burn off her digging energy. She digs in the pillow case, and eventually toys fall out.

And yes, that is an old oven mitt in the corner. Cheap toy.

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The grisly face of death


On our walk today, Shelby saw her first dead animal. A perfectly perserved, but perfectly dead squirrel. It didn't bother her at all. This might be a more common occurance now that West Nile has reached the west coast. I reported the squirrel, and hopefully it's picked up soon.

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Pooch Parade


Tonight there was a downtown street fair and pooch parade. The parade/contest proceeds went to benefit the SPCA's Guide Dog program. Categories included best costumed dog, best naked dog, etc. Shelby didn't make it in time for the parade because Steven and I were busy cleaning out our closet. We found Steven's bow tie, and much to Shelby's dismay, made her wear it downtown.


Despite her frowny face, she must have had a good time. I noticed a few drips of barbeque sauce on her leg when we got home.

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