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Shelby loves people, and jumps to greet them. Unfortunately, when she jumps, she's intimidating to small children. It's largely my fault for never correcting her. We'll have to work on that behavior. Here's a little video of a typical greeting at the door from Shelby.

August 16, 2004 | Permalink


When I was three or four years old, my family had a BIG dog that loved me to death, and he would actually knock me down and stand on my chest to lick my face as a greeting.

Shelby might scare the little ones a bit, but I'm sure they'd prefer a little hopping around to being trod upon.

Posted by: James | Aug 17, 2004 6:30:56 AM

There's nothing wrong with Shelby's manners...in fact, the only thing you need to teach her is to first say 'hello' before she jumps on the guests! Otherwise, she's a perfect (and friendly) little lady. Precious!

Posted by: Lida | Aug 17, 2004 7:23:48 PM

I disagree, I think that you should train Shelby not to jump on people. For a child, a pug can seem like a big dog. And trust me, you don't want some frantic parent jumping on your case just because their kids are a little scrared of a pug. I've seen some parents go nuts like this even when the dog is little. I think it's safer for you cuz then there's less likely to be disagreements or some rabid parent calling animal control on your cute little pug.

Posted by: h | Aug 19, 2004 12:49:08 PM

Luckily, our family and friends love Shelby and don't mind a few paw prints on their nice pants when she greets them.

Shelby is signed up for puppy classes in the fall to improve her reliability in responding to commands, and to give her some good manners when meeting new people.

Posted by: Winnie | Aug 19, 2004 7:53:10 PM

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